Valheim: How To Parry Attacks

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The early access title Valheim continues to grow as the days go by.

Coffee Stain Publishing has announced that over 1 million copies have been sold.

There is a lot to do within the game, from crafting, hunting, and even fighting; you will never be bored within the game.

One core aspect of combat within Valheim is parrying, a maneuver we see a lot within the Assassin's Creed series. 

Here's how to do it within Valheim!



Parrying is when you perfectly time your defensive move so that your opponent is stunned.

Doing so will allow you to quickly get the upper hand over your opponent with a massive attack.

If you perfectly land a counter, you will hear the clash of the two swords and loud noise will be made.

This signifies to the player that you have perfectly landed the parry, and sometimes the enemy you are facing will get stunned and be open to land a wide-open attack.

This is a skill that you will only get better at over time, so practice does make perfect!


Be sure to let us know how you are finding Valheim and if you are excited for the future of the game. 


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