The Callisto Protocol season pass - Release date, contents, and price

A gory scene from The Callisto Protocol

A gory scene from The Callisto Protocol

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In a somewhat strange turn of events, The Callisto Protocol has announced... a season pass! It'll be adding content after the game's launch, but we don't really know when. Let's take a look at The Callisto Protocol season pass and what it has in store for us.

The survival horror game takes place 300 years from now, where players take on the role of Jacob Lee, a man stuck in the Black Iron Prison on Jupiter's moon, Callisto. Suddenly, things start going awry as inmates transform into monsters, meaning Jacob must battle his way out and to safety.

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What is The Callisto Protocol season pass?

Callisto is 'not finished' with Jacob after the events of the game. The season pass will introduce four segments of content, likely spaced out over the next year or so to give constant updates.

According to the game's Steam page, this is what we can expect:

Outer Way Skin Collection

A collection of skins based on the Outer Way armour for us to wear.

Contagion Bundle

The Contagion Bundle brings in the Contagion mode - a new way of playing that has less ammo, fewer health items, and even more danger. Permadeath is also an option for players who want no mercy.

This bundle will add thirteen new death animations for Jacob, as well as a Watchtower Skin Collection.

The Riot Bundle

Another new game mode comes with the Riot Bundle, too. This time it's more of a horde or defence scenario, set in a new and previously undiscovered area of the Black Iron Prison. Jacob must survive wave after wave of enemies. Whether it's an endless horde or has a final boss remains to be seen.

The Riot Bundle also has 12 new enemy death animations, and comes with an Engineer Skin Collection.

Story DLC

This one is self-explanatory, and we're excited to see what story it will add to the game, hopefully bringing more lore and scares with it.

There's no current release schedule as the content isn't even made yet, and is a future expansion.

Some players were worried about this content being cut out of the main game and tacked on as a season pass, but these fears have been laid to rest by Game Director Glen Schofield, who reassured fans that this is all brand new content that is yet to be created.

A mutated biophage crawling in The Callisto Protocol.
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How can I get The Callisto Protocol Season Pass?

Currently, the Season Pass is only available with the Digital Deluxe edition of The Callisto Protocol, running for £69.99 on Steam, instead of the regular £49.99. There will no doubt be an option to buy the pass separately later, though this has not been confirmed.

That's it for our look at The Callisto Protocol's season pass! For even more on the game you can read our review, or see whether it's coming to Game Pass any time soon.

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