The Callisto Protocol performance mode - How to toggle and graphical differences

Jacob Lee walking through a dark ship in The Callisto Protocol.

Jacob Lee walking through a dark ship in The Callisto Protocol.

If you're looking to turn on The Callisto Protocol performance mode, this is what you need to know. From the hulking space colony around you to the evil monsters hunting you down, there are lots of interesting sights to look at. As such, you'll want to see them with the best performance possible.

Given that The Callisto Protocol isn't exclusive to the current generation, it can be a little hard to run on older hardware. All that blood and metal can be exhausting on your console. Because of this, we go over what you should know about performance mode, and how to turn it on and off.

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How to toggle The Callisto Protocol performance mode

If you want to access The Callisto Protocol performance mode, you have to do so from the game's menu. Note that you can only do it from the main menu of the game, rather than within the pause menu.

Head to the Settings menu and scroll down to Graphics. The first option that comes up is an on/off toggle for performance mode, which you can simply switch depending on your preference. It's as easy as that!

Generally, this has become a little bit of a newer phenomenon, letting players decide how each game runs. Some players prefer a better frame rate and others prefer a better resolution. Ultimately, the choice is up to you.

The graphics settings showing performance mode in The Callisto Protocol.
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What is the effect of The Callisto Protocol's performance mode?

On PS5, The Callisto Protocol runs at 30 FPS with 2160p resolution and ray tracing with performance mode switched off. This will be the best the game looks on console, but you are giving up some performance to get such impressive views.

If you choose to run it in performance mode, it will be at 60 FPS with a resolution of 2160p, without ray tracing. As of launch, players on PC are reporting performance issues and stuttering, even with the most impressive rigs. As of right now, the PS5 with performance mode seems to be the most consistent way of playing the game. You are giving up ray tracing for that though, meaning mirrors, blood, and shadows are a little less impressive.

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