How to taunt in Street Fighter 6

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two characters fighting in Street Fighter 6

Taunting in Street Fighter 6, or any fighting game, is a great way to distract your opponent, making them more prone to mistakes. It can also be a way for developers like Capcom to give a bit more personality to the roster.

Street Fighter 6 does a wonderful job of fleshing out all of the 18 fighters, turning them into something more than a collection of moves or frame data. Whether you're unlocking bonds via World Tour, doing their arcade mode story, and of course, using their taunts in battle, none of them feel like stale bread.

Taunting in SF6 is not only a tactic to get inside your opponent's head, some actually have different properties, like hitboxes. Others can stop fireballs coming your way. By no means they're practical to use, you'll certainly won't be throwing out taunts during combos or when applying pressure, but it's a neat way to maybe try to finish a round dominantly if you've managed to stun your rival. So how do you taunt in Street Fighter 6?

Taunting in Street Fighter 6 - How to do it

Street Fighter 6 taunts
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Credit: Capcom
Dee Jay's taunt gives him super meter

Taunting in Street Fighter 6 is super easy.

Taunting in Street Fighter 6 is super easy. Each of the 18 characters has a total of three taunts, which are performed differently depending on whether you're using Classic or Modern controls.

How to taunt on Classic controls in SF6

To perform a taunt, you have to press all six attack buttons at the same time. Adding a direction will let you perform two extra taunts, so essentially:

  • Taunt 1: LP + MP + HP + LK + MK + HK
  • Taunt 2: Forward + LP + MP + HP + LK + MK + HK
  • Taunt 3: Back LP + MP + HP + LK + MK + HK

It's particularly hard, especially if you're playing on a fightstick, however, Modern controls simplify the process.

How to taunt using Modern controls in SF6

As the name implies, taunting (like many other things) is easier with Modern controls. The principal concept remains the same, hitting all the attack buttons, but they are fewer of them with this control scheme.

  • Taunt 1: Light Attack + Medium Attack + Heavy Attack
  • Taunt 2: Back + Light Attack + Medium Attack + Heavy Attack
  • Taunt 3: Forward + Light Attack + Medium Attack + Heavy Attack

As we mentioned, some characters have unique properties to their taunts. A few examples for you to check out include:

  • Chun Li's neutral taunt has a hitbox that does 300 damage
  • Lily's neutral taunt does 1 damage but stops fireballs from coming at you
  • Blanka's back taunt refills his Blanka-chan dolls
  • Marisa's forward taunt has one hit armor

If you want to check out all taunts in action, we recommend you check out YouTuber Jmcrofts full breakdown of all of them.

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