Street Fighter 6 rank distribution

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Street fighter 6 ranked distribution
Credit: Capcom

Street Fighter 6 has taken the fighting game community by storm, with everyone trying to reach a high rank on the competitive ladder, giving us an interesting Street Fighter 6 rank distribution all around.

If you're a veteran of the genre, you might start your journey in a relatively high rank, like Platinum. For the uninitiated, however, seeing their progress go slower than that of others in the community might be frustrating.

Knowing the current Street Fighter 6 rank distribution might lift a weight off your shoulders since you'll be surprised at the results. So, with that said, let's take a look at them.

Street Fighter 6 rank distribution

street fighter 6 ranked distribution
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Credit: Capcom
The SF6 ranked grind to Master is a daunting one

Fighting game enthusiast JD_FGC took data from a total of 362,673 Street Fighter 6 players that have dabbled in the game's ranked mode.

Out of those players, only 343 have reached Master, the highest rank possible in Street Fighter 6. Another 10,085 are in Diamond, the second-best placement in the game.

As you can see roughly 2.87% of the player base has reached the higher ranks, meaning it's extremely difficult to get to them, especially considering that there are no win-streak bonuses starting in Platinum and above.

Even taking into consideration the total Diamond player base, 7,751 of them are in Diamond 1, which puts them closer to Platinum 5 than to reaching Master.

As for the most populated ranks, these are Silver with 76,276 players (21.03%) and Iron with 74,878 players (20.65%).

Here is a more detailed data of the Street Fighter 6 ranked distribution per rank thanks to JD_FGC:

Rank group Players Percent of players Percentile

As you can see, for the vast majority of the player base, the Street Fighter 6 ranked grind is a marathon, not a race. Our recommendation if you're struggling to climb from the low ranks is to focus on one or two things to help you craft a simple to execute game plan and as you start racking up wins, add more complex stuff to it.

Finding the right character for you is also important, and although we recommend you try them all out, we have a dedicated Street Fighter 6 character tier list article that could help you pick a nice fighter to start your journey.


Also, keep in mind that ranks in Street Fighter 6 are character dependent (even if you pick random, this will also come with a unique rank). So definitely don't be afraid to experiment and try out new fighters if you feel the one you've been sticking to since release isn't clicking with you.

And that's it for this guide! We got more Street Fighter 6 news for you, why not check out our recommended button configuration while you're here?

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