What are gold cabinets in Street Fighter 6?

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gold cabinets sf6
Credit: capcom

Every now and then, when you jump into the Battle Hub, you might see some gold cabinets in Street Fighter 6. What makes them different than regular ones?

To answer that, you need to know that Street Fighter 6 recently introduced its first Fighting Pass, its own version of a classic battle pass, filled with some cosmetics for your in-game avatar, as well as music tracks and old arcade titles you can add to your collection

Earning kudos is how you progress through the Fighting Pass tiers. There are several ways to earn this currency, and as you might have imagined, gold cabinets in SF6 will help you with your grind.

Gold cabinets in Street Fighter 6 explained

Gold cabinets in Street Fighter 6 show up in the Battle Hub and can be either for normal battles or extreme rule ones. As you can see in the image above, they're pretty easy to spot if you happen to run into one.

The main goal of the cabinets is to give you a kudos boost reward upon match completion, making the Fighting Pass grind way faster. For each casual match you play, you'll earn 30 kudos, so if you play on a gold cabinet you'll earn even more.

Now, remember that if you're playing on a cabinet, it's a winner-stays-on type of deal, so you better bring your A-game if you mean to take advantage of these gold cabinets.

When do gold cabinets spawn in SF6?

gold cabinets in street fighter 6
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Credit: Capcom
Gold cabinets are not always available

Truth is, gold cabinets in SF6 aren't on a specific timer. Capcom mentioned there are lucky days in which these cabinets will make an appearance in the Battle Hub.

The best way to ensure you know when the gold cabinets are spawning is to constantly log in to Street Fighter 6 and see if there's a Lucky Day notification in the news section.

Another recommendation we can give you is to hop on from server to server, usually on relatively low-populated ones to hunt down the gold cabinet and get some games on. You can even tell a friend to play with you on a completely deserted server and you'll both get the benefits of the kudos boost!

The Fighting Pass only has 20 tiers worth of cosmetics, with an extra 10 levels filled with fighter coins for you to purchase alt costumes or the following Fighting Pass, so it's not super hard to complete.


Having that gold cabinet kudos boost will certainly help, though!

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