Steelrising best weapons and how to get them

steelrising best weapons

steelrising best weapons

If you're just starting the game, you may be wondering what the best Steelrising weapons are. We have you covered right here with a handful of great choices to go with most class types and builds.

As well as picking some of the best weapons, we go over where to find them and how they are used. With each weapon favouring certain stats, you may want to select two to carry you through the game. You can flip between weapons so having ones that favour certain styles will work best.

If you're currently playing the game and looking for more information, here are our Steelrising tips for beginners. If this isn't what you're looking for, this is which Steelrising class you should pick and the best Steelrising build. Finally, here is our Steelrising review.

Steelrising best weapons tier list

Fire Chain
Volley Mallet, Falchion and Sabre
Charleville 1789 Shield Musket

There are tonnes of weapons in the game but many of them rely on the same basic controls and ideas. For this reason, we have picked four very different choice for the Steelrising best weapons for you to try out.

Fire Chain

Offering a surprising amount of range, the Fire Chain is a super powerful weapon that builds up fire damage in enemies you hit. If you do enough damage, they will slowly start to take damage over time.

Steelrising best weapons
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This means that you don't need to do raw damage to kill your opponents, just enough status damage will kill off most things you find. If you find an enemy strong against fire, have something to complement it as your other weapon.

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Volley Mallet

That weapon could be the Volley Mallet. After you take on 'The Bishop Of The Cité', you can head up to the area behind him with a grappling hook to grab it. This heavy piece of equipment is essentially a large mallet with guns attached. As well as doing serious physical damage, you can use its alternate fire to hit enemies from range.

Coming with great physical damage, this is an excellent weapon to pair with status effect-based weapons. It's a good replacement for the Body of Work.

Falchion and Sabre

Falchion and Sabre was my go-to choice throughout the majority of my first playthrough. Providing great scaling with power and agility, it can be used at incredible speed to deal tonnes of immobilization damage.

As well as this, it has a really nasty power attack where your character spins around hitting a handful of times. If you can time this well, you can take on multiple small enemies in one go.

Charleville 1789 Shield Musket

Found in the chest after the first boss in Saint-Cloud, the Charleville 1789 Shield Musket is one of the game's best ranged weapons. Being able to get the gun very early on, it can carry you through the entire game. It deals high frost damage, meaning you can freeze enemies and hit them with multiple attacks in a row.

Steelrising also doesn't have a cap on the number of bullets you can hold so you can spam enemies from a distance, never having to actually fight them.

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