How to get Starfield Hard Target sniper rifle

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Starfield Hard Target
Credit: Bethesda

If you're all about sneaking around and completing missions undetected, then the best Starfield sniper rifle is what you need. Once you learn how to get Hard Target sniper rifle in Starfield, nothing will stand in your way!

Basically, this rifle is a total game-changer. It's one of the most powerful weapons you can find, but it comes at a cost. You'll have to either spend a hefty number of credits or invest some serious time to acquire it. But it is totally worth it.

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How to get Hard Target sniper rifle in Starfield

Starfield Hard Target
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Credit: Bethesda

Just like most other weapons, the Hard Target sniper can be purchased in weapon shops or looted from enemies. But since it is that good, you’ll get it at the end of the game only.

Hard Target will appear in shop vendor inventories when you reach levels 30-35. It can appear in any vendor in the game who sells guns. If you want to buy it, you better have high-level bargaining skills because the weakest rifle models will cost you at least 20,000 credits. Mostly, they sell plain versions of weapons without epic or legendary perks. If you would like to get an epic or legendary Hard Target and save money, it is better to use the method below. It will also be useful for you if you have not yet reached level 30.

To loot a Hard Target sniper, you need to go to a high-level star system. We personally tried this method in Rasalhague. Next, find a captain of at least level 60 to increase the chance of a weapon to drop. Then get close to him, lower his health so that you need only one shot to kill him, and then make a quick save. Finish the boss and check the loot, then load the save and repeat this until you get Hard Target. If you want the epic version of the rifle, you are likely to spend about 30 minutes, but if your goal is the legendary Hard Target, you may need several hours.

Is the Starfield Hard Target sniper rifle good?

Here are the stats of the common version of Hard Target:

  • 7 mod slots
  • 139 phys base damage
  • 5 mag capacity
  • 25 fire rate
  • 100 range
  • 74.2% Accuracy

These stats may seem low, but epic and legendary weapons often have much better numbers. It also has various perks that, for example, breakthrough any armor or double its damage, which allows you to basically one shot your enemies.

Hard Target sniper is the best choice against mechs and enemies hiding behind strong fortifications. Also, its range and accuracy are perfect for stealth gameplay.


This rifle uses ballistic .50 Caliber Caseless ammunition. Most likely, you will need to buy them frequently from the stores. You won't be able to loot a lot of this ammo from enemies because most often they only have 6.5mm, 7.7mm, or 11mm.

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