Is there a difficulty achievement in Starfield?

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A statue of a spacecraft in Starfield.
September 30, 2023: Check out whether there's an achievement tied to difficulty.

Dedicated achievement hunters excited for Bethesda's newest game only have one question: is there a difficulty achievement in Starfield? Now that the highly anticipated game is out, those people looking to get the complete Gamerscore in Starfield want to know whether they can blitz through on a low difficulty, or if they'll be tested.

In this guide, we'll tell you whether or not Starfield's achievements list includes one based on difficulty. This would often comprise of completing the game on the highest difficulty, which can be an obstacle to gamers wanting to 100% the game as easily as possible.

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Does Starfield have a difficulty achievement?

No, Starfield does not have an achievement tied to game difficulty. As such, any would-be completionists can tackle the game on any difficulty they choose, without fear of being locked out from any achievements.

Now that the game is out and we know for a fact that none of the Starfield achievements list have any ties to difficulty. It's certainly a relief, because having to grind through a game on the hardest difficulty level, just for one achievement, is nobody's idea of fun.

Fortunately, this seems about par for the course when it comes to Bethesda games. The most recent first-party release, Fallout 4, also didn't have a difficulty achievement, and the same can be said for Skyrim. As such, there was no reason to suspect Bethesda would lock a Starfield achievement behind a difficulty barrier, but it's good to have confirmation regardless.


Armed with this knowledge, you can dive into Starfield quests on any difficulty you like, without fear of missing any achievements!

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