Splatoon 3 conch shells - How to get them and what they're for

Conch shell in Splatoon 3

Conch shell in Splatoon 3
November 8, 2022: The Pokemon X Splatoon 3 Splatfest is nearly here, so let's get shelling!

It's nearly Splatfest time again, so let's take a look at what these new Splatoon 3 conch shells are and why you'll absolutely want to play through the weekend to get them. Any time a Splatfest event comes around, conch shells are sure to follow. They're valuable assets in your squid kid career.

Splatfests are a big, themed event where teams play against each other to win, getting money and other materials. They often bring in different ways to play and pay during the event, and Splatoon 3 is no different. There are no Shifty Stations this time, but we get tricolour battles involving three teams, and some new Conch Shells to get some extra rewards.

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What are Splatfest conch shells?

Conch shells are a new addition to Splatoon 3, and are a currency specific to the Splatfest events that take place. This time, there are three Splatfest teams to choose from - though this does not affect how many conches you can get.

These conches can be spent at the Shell Out machine for extra prizes. Like the normal capsules, what you get is randomised, so good luck! The amount of conches that players earn also goes towards the final victory tally of the Splatfest teams.

You will only be able to earn these shells in the run-up to the Splatfest, and during the event. Don't hold onto them either, as they will disappear when the event ends. Make sure to spend them!

Shell Out Machine in Splatoon 3
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How to get conch shells in Splatoon 3

Getting these new currency conches is easy. All you need to do, really, is play the game - either during a Splatfest weekend or any time between the Splatfest being announced and coming to a close.

Of course, you need to choose a Splatfest team first, or your earned conches won't count to a team's total. There's a stall outside the Lobby in the square where you can choose your team, so be sure to do that before you start spamming matches and wearing out your fingers.

Then, play Turf Wars, Anarchy Battles, and Salmon Run to level up and raise your catalogue levels. Each time you level one of these up, you get another Splatoon 3 conch shell. Plus - the first win of a day will net you loads of extra points, so try to space out your play sessions throughout the Splatfest weekend to get a nice little boost.

Where to find the Shell Out machine in Splatoon 3

The Shell Out machine can be found in its usual place: in the lobby between the Battle Pot and the food and drink stall.

During Splatfests, it's decked out with LEDs and has some conch shells near it to boot. You won't be able to swipe these for yourself, but go up to it as normal and the option to spend your Splatoon 3 conch shells will be there.

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