Sims 4 real estate cheat for free lots

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One of the best functions in Sims 4 is the cheat tab. It allows you to insert various cheat commands and gain significant advantages in-game. Cheats in the game are legal, and there is no risk of being banned from using them. The Sims 4 real estate cheat is one of the most popular cheats in the game.

Read this guide, and you will find out everything you need to know about Sims 4 real estate cheat for free lots. There will be steps on using this cheat, and other information that might come in handy.

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What is the Sims 4real estate cheat?

Before using the real estate cheat in Sims 4, it would be best to find out more about it, and the benefits you can get by using it. The main advantage of the real estate cheat is that it provides free real estate for you. It might be helpful not only at the beginning when you have no money, but also in the later game stages. Also, you can use the cheat when you want to move your Sims to any house in the neighbourhood.

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How to use real estate cheat in Sims 4

Like any other cheat in Sims 4, you should enable cheats before you use the special cheat commands. You can do it using the special combination Ctrl + Shift + C on your keyboard. After that, a dialogue window will appear on the left corner of your screen. Here you need to type the command ‘testingcheats true’. It will enable not only the real estate cheat, but also any other cheats in Sims 4.

Once you have enabled cheats, you should not close the command window. Conversely, you need to type the command ‘freerealestate on’. Doing so will activate the real estate cheat, and you will be able to purchase all real estate in Sims 4 for free. You don't even need to install a mod!

How to turn off real estate cheat in Sims 4

Once you know how to use the real estate cheat, it is time to discover how to turn it off. Most people struggle to disable the cheat when it is activated. As a result, Sims 4 becomes boring, and they give up playing the game. Fortunately, this cheat can be easily deactivated within a few seconds.

You only need to open the commands tab using Ctrl + Shift + C and use one of the commands from the list below.

  • freerealestate off
  • testingcheats false

What are the cons of using the Sims 4 real estate cheat?

Even though it seems that using cheats is a perfect way to progress in the game, there is one significant disadvantage to using cheats. It is nearly impossible to stay interested in the game if you use cheats. Once you buy everything everything, the game becomes boring, and it is pretty challenging to keep playing it actively. That is probably the biggest con of any cheat in Sims 4.

That's it for our look at the real estate cheat in Sims 4! While it may seem fun initially, there's a good chance you'll be clamouring to turn it off before long. While you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best mods to improve gameplay in Sims 4.

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