How to get goats and sheep in Sims 4 Horse Ranch

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Goat in Sims 4 Horse Ranch
Credit: YouTube The Sims

The latest Sims 4 expansion brings new domestic animals to take care of, so the first thing you'll probably want to know is how to get goats and sheep in Sims 4 Horse Ranch. These little buddies are a great addition to your farm and can even be used to gain some profit.

But there's no profit to be had with the game's new livestock options if you can't quite figure out how to look after them. And with so many context menus cluttering things up these days, it can be difficult to find every interaction prompt you'll need to keep your horses, goats, and sheep well looked after - including how to get them in the first place.

How to get goats and sheep in Sims 4 Horse Ranch

To get goats and sheep in the Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion, you first need to purchase them. This can be done in two different ways:

  • The Bits and Bales Mercantile shop in New Appaloosa
  • The Ranch Animal Exchange feature you can access from your phone or through a special bulletin board.

The cost of each species differs, but they're relatively inexpensive for what they can bring in.

How to raise goats and sheep in Sims 4 Horse Ranch

Sheep in Sims 4 Horse Ranch
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Credit: YouTube The Sims
Let's discuss these little buddies!

To raise goats and sheep in Sims 4 Horse Ranch, you just need to wait as you take care of them. They age just like your sims and other animals. You'll just have to keep them alive long enough to mature.

Your animals have basic needs such as Hunger, Hygiene, or Happiness, so you’ll have to feed them, clean them, and play with them in that time.

How to use goats and sheep in Sims 4 Horse Ranch

Though the animals are very cute, and it’s always nice to have a couple of them on your ranch, they're not only for decoration. You can also use them to earn some money, potentially recouping the costs of buying and looking after them if handled correctly.

For example, goats can give you milk, which is a useful cooking ingredient you can sell for some Simoleons.


Sheep won’t give you milk, but you can shear them to get some wool. This is another item that you can sell to get some money.

Your little friends can help you on your ranch by eating various bugs and weeds, potentially affording your sims more time to commit to other money-making means.

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