What is the Sea of Stars Ancient Crypt code?

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Unknown creature in Sea of Stars
Credit: Sabotage Studio

The long-awaited Sea of Stars is here, and those who supported the game on Kickstarter are especially happy. This is because a whole location was created for them as a token of the dev's gratitude. This place is called Ancient Crypt, and to find a personal memorial there, you will need to enter the Sea of Stars Ancient Crypt code.

The game was developed by an independent studio, Sabotage Studio, which became known for the retro platformer The Messenger. Sea of Stars was entirely crowdfunded, ensuring it cold receive such a wide release. For the patrons with the largest donations, Sabotage Studio has made the Ancient Crypt location with tombstones with their names on them.

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Multiple characters on the tree in Sea of Stars
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Credit: Sabotage Studio

How to get a code for the memorial in Sea of Stars

If you go to Settlers Island and explore it a little, then you've probably already found the Ancient Crypt. You will meet an NPC named Cryptwalker there, who will ask you to enter a code that will take you to a specific tombstone. In order for yours to be in this location, you had to support the game on Kickstarter and have a level not lower than Solstice Warrior. So if you donated $45 or more, then you'll find a tombstone with your name on it!

If you donated $119 to the Kickstarter, then you will receive your own statue instead of the usual tombstone. This statue reads “A hero to be remembered.” The third level is “A hero to be worshipped,” which is available if you donated $148. You’ll own a statue made according to your wishes.

So to get your own monument, you had to get an email before the game was released and choose a design on the developer’s website. After which you could receive a code to your email that you could tell to Cryptwalker. After that, you can teleport directly to your monument. Of course, you can find it yourself, but the game had many patrons, so it's much more comfortable to use the code.


Of course, now the game has released and that crowdfunding period is over, there's no way to get your own Ancient Crypt code in Sea of Stars. If you were there early you'll get the special location, but otherwise you'll have to go without.

So there you have it, if you donated to the studio's Kickstarter, then you'll have your very own memorial in Sea of Stars! Additionally, we have an article detailing just how long Sea of Stars will take you to beat, as well as guides on how to level up.

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