How to level up in Sea of Stars

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A screenshot of Sea of Stars, showing Zale and Valere fighting a large caterpillar like monster

As with all RPGs, knowing how to level up in Sea of Stars is crucial to progression. Therefore, making sure your characters have enough health, mana, and attack power is key to being successful on your adventure.

You'll no doubt be spending a lot of time in turn-based combat, battling against a whole load of different enemies. You'll want all your party members in their best shape if you want to succeed.

In this guide, we'll go over the basics of levelling up stats in Sea of Stars, plus helping you decide which stats are most important to level up first.

What are the main stats in Sea of Stars?

Each character in Sea of Stars has six stats. These are:

  • Physical Attack - Improves the amount of damage you do to enemies on standard attacks.
  • Hit Points - This is your character’s health. Increases the amount of damage you can take before going down.
  • Magic Defence - Reduces the amount of damage enemies inflict on you with magic attacks.
  • Mana Points - Increases the amount of MP you have. Having a higher MP will allow you to cast more spells before needing to replenish.
  • Magic Attack - Improves the amount of damage you inflict on enemies with magic-based attacks.
  • Physical Defence - Reduces the amount of damage enemies inflict on you with physical attacks.
A screenshot of Sea of Stars' levelling up screen
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How to level up in Sea of Stars

To level up in Sea of Stars, all you need to do is full up the XP bar enought o reach the next level requirement. At that point, you'll level up automatically.

Every time you level up in Sea of Stars, your party members' stats will increase. But you’ll also get to choose a stat to give an additional bonus increase to.

Knowing which bonus stat to select can be quite challenging, depending on your needs. From the aforementioned bonus stats, only four will be accessible for selection after each level-up.

Our suggestion is to initially prioritise both Physical Attack and Hit Points, as these attributes are essential in combat. Increasing your health or damage output will always be usual, as you can never have too much health or deal too much damage.

Is mana as important as physical attacks?

Likewise, mana points are also incredibly important, as they will allow you to cast more spells and abilities before you need to regenerate with either food or attacking enemies. In the case of characters like Zale, a substantial mana pool becomes crucial to leverage his solar-based attacks. The same goes for Garl. His Nourish ability is the most usual healing skill in the game, and he is paramount in keeping your party alive, so you should make sure he has enough mana points to keep casting.


But knowing which bonus stat to level up is a decision that is heavily reliant on your character's existing stats. Should you possess ample HP, it might be prudent to shift focus toward physical and magic defence. The latter is especially useful in the late game, as more enemies will be using magic-based attacks.

There you have it - that's everything you need to know about levelling up in Sea of Stars! As with most games, it's entirely up to you how you play, but we hope our advice has helped you on your swashbuckling adventures.

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