How to fish in Sea of Stars

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Sea of Stars gameplay, showing the three main characters near a fishing pond.

Fishing in Sea of Stars can be an extremely lucrative activity to participate in. But strangely, this mini-game is never actually explained in the game, so you could put in dozens of hours without even touching it.

But this would be a shame, as fishing in Sea of Stars is actually really fun and will get you some useful ingredients for cooking.

So we've put together this guide to help you out with all your fishing needs. You'll become a master angler in Sea of Stars in no time!

How to fish in Sea of Stars

You can start fishing in Sea of Stars quite early in your adventure. Once you've finished your training at Zenith Academy and successfully made it through the Forbidden Cavern, be sure to head to Sunglow Lake. Positioned on the map's western side, this is the first fishing spot you’ll come across in the game.

When you enter a fishing spot, the first thing you’ll probably notice is the wooden signpost next to the water. Go ahead and interact with that to see what kind of fish can be caught at this location. After you’ve done that, go to the end of the pier and interact again to start fishing.

Sea of Stars gameplay, showing Zale on a pier fishing.
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Fishing controls in Sea of Stars

The first thing you’ll want to do when fishing in Sea of Stars is to cast your line. To do this press the space bar on PC, A on Xbox, or X on PlayStation, then press it again when you want to sink your line. Remember, the longer you leave it without sinking your line, the further out your line will go. But you can also control the direction of your line, using the analog stick or the A and D keys. The objective is to place your bobber directly over a fish, so it’ll bite straight away.

Once you've managed to secure a catch, press the interact button to begin reeling. If the fish decides to put up a fight, manoeuvre it into the section of lighter blue within the water. When the fish is in this section of the water, the current will work in your favour and pull the fish closer to you.

Aim to maintain control over your catch while reeling it in. Use the A and D keys or the analog stick to adjust the position of the line, keeping careful watch of the direction the fish is swimming in. Don’t forget to pull in the opposite direction.

Be sure to keep watch on your line's colour. If it changes to red, it's nearing its breaking point. When this happens, stop reeling and wait for it to turn white again. If the line breaks, you’ll have to start all over again.

What are fish used for in Sea of Stars?

Once you’ve caught a fish in Sea of Stars, it’s instantly filleted and added to your inventory. You can then use it at a campfire to cook fish-based dishes. These are:

  • Bouillabaisse
  • Herbed Filet
  • Mooncradle Fish Pie
  • Sashimi
  • Tataki

There you have it - that's everything you need to know about fishing in Sea of Stars! If you're looking for more info on the game, then be sure to check out our review of Sea of Stars. Additionally, we have a handy guide on how long the game takes to beat.

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