How to heal in Saints Row 2022

Saints Row - how to heal

Saints Row - how to heal

Learning how to heal in Saints Row is a necessary skill if you plan on taking on those tougher missions. This is everything you should know, how the takedown bar works, and some extra tips to take on multiple enemies in one go.

Unlike what you might expect, healing is not done with items. It is, instead, caused by a specific action. Not only does it heal you but it grants you temporary invulnerability. If you can use it to your advantage, you will survive much longer in each fight.

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How to heal in Saints Row 2022

Healing in Saints Row can be done in a few different ways but there's only one active way to do so early on. Every time you use the takedown ability, you gain some health back. By pressing triangle on PS5 or Y on Xbox, you grab the nearest enemy and take them out. It takes a while to charge up so you should only do it at the best moment.

Saints Row - how to heal
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As well as restoring a bit of health, it makes you temporarily invulnerable while you do it. This means if you see a car about to explode or a boss about to do a special move, it's a great way of getting some breathing room.

You can load up your special moves quicker by taking down enemies so use your takedown on the tougher ones and kill the easier ones to get it back again. If you want to use it on the game's toughest enemies, you may have to take down their shield first. You can only use the takedown on enemies that have a red health bar.

You will also naturally restore some health with time but the takedown mechanic is the most consistent way of healing in a fight.

Combat tips

Saints Row is a bit of a power fantasy. If you're winning and looking good while doing it, the game's mechanics are doing what they should. Although you can easily take on most enemies in an open space, retreating to get some cover is a good way of staying alive for longer. Given it restores health, wait until your takedown is ready and rush right into the middle of your enemies. It's a good way of getting tonnes of damage in and spreading them all out.

As well as this, the game's special moves are incredibly valuable. From the very start, you have the ability to grab enemies, stuff them with grenades and throw them. This can be used on groups of enemies to do a lot of damage. You can pair this with your takedown for tonnes of invulnerability.

Finally, as you scroll through your weapons, you will spot small objectives for each weapon. Do these to unlock the best form of your gun. The more effort you put into your weapons early on, the better you will be at shooting later.

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