Saints Row 2022 Criminal Enterprises explained

Saints Row 2022 criminal enterprises explained

Saints Row 2022 criminal enterprises explained

Saints Row criminal enterprises are one of the best ways of getting yourself some cash throughout the story. As well as all of this, they upgrade little parts of your equipment and HQ as you continue to play. If you want the very best weapons and cars, you should spend some time figuring them out.

As well as going over what they do, this guide will go over why you should invest in them and give you a rundown of the selling point of each one. Luckily, you can invest in every one of them so you should do it as soon as possible.

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Saints Row criminal enterprises explained

The Saints Row criminal enterprises are both a great way of getting new equipment and a way for the game to drip-feed you more cash as you play. Starting small, you can invest both money and time into ventures for a much bigger payout. After you earn the Saints HQ, you can go to the table upstairs and invest in new enterprises.

Saints Row 2022 criminal enterprises explained
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Once you have bought one and placed it somewhere, you can do the missions associated with it and eliminate the threat nearby to make it earn much more. As you continue to upgrade those, your total balance and HQ will upgrade alongside it. As well as this, you will get small upgrades to your items and gear. Needless to say, it's worth putting the time in.

All Ventures

Although it will take you a while to get them all unlocked, here are all the ventures you can build in Saints Row.

  • The Big One - In this, you have to run an arms trafficking operation.
  • Bright Future - Bright Future has you dumping toxic waste for profit, illegally.
  • Castle Kraken - At the centre of the town's LARPing scene, Castle Kraken gives you a tonne of make-believe missions.
  • Chalupacabra - In this, you use a chain of fast food trucks to run drugs across the city.
  • Cutting Edge - A fashion venture that requires you to hunt down new materials for designer Edith Hunt to use.
  • Eurekabator! - Producing great tech, this venture is all about coming up with new ideas to disrupt the market.
  • First Strike Dojo - This Dojo allows you to train brand new recruits for your operation.
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  • Jimrob's Garage - JimRob runs a chop shop that is good at building and stealing cars.
  • Kakts Radio - You have to fight to dominate the radio space alongside disc jockey 'The Cactus King'.
  • Laundromat - Its plain name is intentional. The laundromat cleans your clothes and cleans up crime scenes.
  • Let's Pretend - This venture has you run a party emporium, complete with costumes you can use for crime.
  • Planet Saints - This venture has you build your own fashion brand, something borrowed from previous games.
  • Shady Oaks - As it's a Saints Row game, the insurance fraud game was bound to make a comeback. Throw yourself into cars for money.
  • Wuzyerz Repo - Collect on debts and make an impact by stealing things from all around the city.

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