Saints Row 2022 - How to sideswipe

Saints Row - How to sideswipe

Saints Row - How to sideswipe

The Saints Row sideswipe is a necessary skill if you plan on getting far in your car. Both a great offensive tool and a nice way of moving across at the last moment, this can save you from many deaths. This being said, there's some depth to it when you start to figure the game out.

This is how to sideswipe, how to best use the skill and a few ways you can use it that the game doesn't teach you. Alongside this, we have a few vehicle skills for you to try out to really get to grips with the game.

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How to sideswipe in Saints Row 2022

If you're looking to side swipe in Saints Row, you can do it from any vehicle by pressing square on PlayStation or X on Xbox. The vehicle does have to get the speed up a little to do it but that's pretty much the only caveat.

Saints Row - How to sideswipe
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The side swipe is a very powerful move that can take any enemy down in just a few hits. You also take reduced damage when you do it, really allowing you to spam it in tense situations. It is one of the best moves in the entire game while on your vehicle. Some vehicles require side swiping enemies to unlock their special move. Get a gang or the police following you and you can do it quickly.

As well as this, you can use your sideswipe ability to make micro changes to your car's position as you drive. If you are inches off lining up for the next ramp, a quick side swipe could put you in the perfect position. It's a little bit hard to get used to but worth it when you nail it.

Vehicle traversal tips

Early on, most gang vehicles and police will be faster than you. Luckily, the side swipe ability is great and can take out pretty much anything that follows you. When you start to collect your own vehicles, take them to Jim Robs to upgrade them.

After all of this, pick a vehicle you like and learn what you have to do to unlock their special ability. After you have completed that, take them back to Jim Robs to unlock it. As you continue to level up, you can upgrade your vehicles to become much better. Pick your best vehicle, level it up, and take it everywhere with you.

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