How to fix Redfall multiplayer not working

Redfall: Characters looking at the sky

Redfall: Characters looking at the sky

We'll show you how to fix the multiplayer mode in Redfall if it's not working. Redfall is a looter-shooter, so like most games of this genre, co-op is a very important gameplay mechanic. But at the game's release, many players have faced issues related to multiplayer.

Below we'll describe several methods to solve the connection problem with Redfall multiplayer. There may be different reasons why the game does not work well for you, but we hope that at least one of our tips will help you!

Redfall: multiple characters with weapons
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How to fix multiplayer in Redfall

To get started, you and your friends need to be connected to a Bethesda account. If you play through Game Pass, your Bethesda ID must be linked to your Xbox account. You can do this in the Linked Accounts section. Other then that, make sure to try the following:

Check the internet connection

A simple but effective tip is to check your internet connection. Make sure it is not too slow. Also, your Windows firewall may not allow you to connect to Redfall. In this case, you should reboot your router and try connecting again.

Check the Redfall servers

The problem may also be related to the game's server itself. You can check if servers are down on the official Redfall Twitter account or find the information on Reddit.

Restart the game or your device

We have combined these points because the solution is simple and trivial. Yes, basically, you just need to restart your game or device. When it comes to bugs, even when not related to gaming, it can be enough to restart the application or device, and it starts working. You can also reinstall the application, which can help in some cases.

Check for updates

Developers often make hotfixes, especially a few days or weeks after the release of a game. They fix various bugs, glitches, and improve the stability of the game. Don't forget to update the game to the latest version, as your problem may have already been solved.

Tip from a Reddit user

The Reddit user aztecstewlion shared a rather interesting method that has helped many players start a co-op with their friends. You just need to start your own private game and kill a few enemies. After that, you need to relaunch the multiplayer mode and everything should work.

It's always very frustrating when you can't play with a friend, so we hope our tips have helped you and that you can enjoy destroying vampires in a party without any problems.

If you need more help with this game, here we have a guide on whether Redfall is coming to Game Pass. For even more, feel free to check out our guide on whether Redfall is an open-world game. We also have lists of all monsters, weapons, and characters.

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