Where Does Redfall Take Place?

A group of Redfall characters look to the sky.

A group of Redfall characters look to the sky.

Next month's release of Redfall is quickly upcoming and many players are becoming more curious about the game's setting. When it comes to the inclusion of vampires, there is not a great variety of games to choose from. Redfall aims to set a standard as a co-op focused RPG following a group of survivors as they take on the blood-sucking creatures. While gameplay features and more have been discussed in the Redfall preview, much about the Redfall location itself remains ambiguous.

Questions regarding the setting and where the game is based run rampant through players' minds as they strive to know more about the lore. As a game that is not only expected to have engaging gameplay, but also strong narrative design, understanding the location is integral to understanding Redfall as a whole.

If you are wondering about the Redfall location, setting, and more, you can read on below for a better understanding of the world you'll be jumping into in May.

Redfall Location, Setting, And More

Redfall is going to be set in a fictional island town known as Redfall (surprising, we know) in Massachusetts. The location is not specifically based on any real part of Massachusetts, but the map will focus specifically on a large suburban town housing a variety of explorable buildings.

The Redfall location is going to be split into two districts: 1 and 2. The first district is located downtown ont he east part of the island. The second district is on the west side and it encompasses a more rural area, featuring buildings such as churches and farms. If you want to know exactly how big the map is in Redfall, you can check out our analysis of its size.

Image showing Redfall's map
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Credit: Bethesda

The setting follows Redfall after a failed scientific experient which resulted in a legion of vampires invading and isolating the town from the rest of the world. Every area shoulf be accessible as it will be an open-world game. Each district harbours its own little neighbourhoods that can be explored.

While adventuring alone or with your party in Redfall's co-op mode, you will also find safehouses scattered throughout the map where you can stop to replenish supplies and pick up quests from locals.

That is all we know about the Redfall location and setting right now. If you are interested in knowing more about the game, you can check out some information before grabbing it on our pre-order guide. If you want to know more about the game's lore, you can also read about the Redfall characters and classes.

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