Does Redfall Have Split-screen Local Co-op?

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Vampires from Redfall attack the camera.

When it comes to upcoming game releases in 2023, few titles have created as much excitement as Redfall has within the gaming community. Arkane Austin, the studio behind other hit titles such as Dishonored and Prey, is heading the open-world FPS set to release in May. Despite being shown as a predominantly multiplayer experience, many players are still wondering about Redfall's co-op features and how they work.

Much to the dismay of many players, newer games have not included local co-op settings that allow for split-screen play or any couch sharing whatsoever. Instead, most games are now opting to exclusively offer online multiplayer or remote multiplayer. As the co-op aspect of Redfall is one of its main selling points, expecting fans are curious about how it will work.

So, will Redfall have split-screen or local co-op? If you are wondering whether or not you will be able to hop on the couch with your friends and play, read on below.

Does Redfall Have Local Co-op?

Unfortunately, Redfall will not offer players a split-screen mode to play co-op in. The game will not include any couch or local co-op modes, instead opting to offer a multiplayer co-op option in which players can group up together with up to four people total.

This means that you and three of your friends can party up and choose any of the available characters to combine a variety of abilities. If you are not interested in multiplayer, you can also play the game alone fully in single-player.

How Does Redfall Co-op Work?

If you choose to play with your friends, do keep in mind that story progression is not shared. Unfortunately, even though the whole party will be able to power through the game's story together, it will not count for everyone. This means that if you join a friend's party, as soon as you leave and play single-player you will have to restart from where you left off prior to joining in multiplayer.


You may also be wondering, is Redfall cross-play? Thankfully, it is, which means that you and your friends can play together regardless of what platforms you are using. As of now, Redfall will be available exclusively on PC and Xbox. This does not necessarily mean that the game will never come to other platforms as previous exclusives have, and you can read more about whether Redfall is coming to PS5 if you want to know more about its availability on PlayStation.

That is all we know about Redfall co-op right now. If you are interested in learning more about Redfall before its upcoming release in May, have a look around Gfinity. You can find out more about the game, from details about how big the map is in Redfall to learning about how you can grab a copy of the game in this Redfall pre-order guide. To know more about how the game runs right now, you can also have a look at our Redfall preview for an inside look.

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