Is Redfall crossplay?

Multiple characters are looking at the sky in Redfall.

Multiple characters are looking at the sky in Redfall.

When you play a co-op game, having an opportunity to connect to users from other platforms is really convenient. And with a new game from Arkane Studios on the horizon, you might be wondering: "Is Redfall crossplay?" The outlook is good.

Beyond answering that burning questions, we'll go over the Redfall platforms, whether there's scope for more, and why you should care about crossplay in the first place.

What is crossplay?

Crossplay is a special feature that helps you to connect with players on different platforms. If the game has this function, you'll be able to play with your friends whether they're on PC or Xbox.

Redfall is a multiplayer game, so crossplay is an important modern measure. This mechanic will help Redfall to live longer, and it would be much worse if the developers decided to separate players from different platforms.

Destroyed city in Redfall.
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Is Redfall crossplay?

Let's start with the main question. Yes, Redfall is crossplay. You'll be able to play it with those who use other platforms through cooperative and competitive play. So if you're concerned about the playerbase dwindling on one platform; don't worry.

What platforms Redfall is available on?

As we already mentioned, the game is developed by the Bethesda Softworks-managed Arkane Studios, which is owned by Microsoft.

Though Microsoft has stated that titles announced prior to its acquisition of Bethesda Softworks would release on previously-announced platform, Redfall, being a new IP, is set to be exclusive to its own platforms - PC and Xbox.

There's always the potential for Microsoft to release Redfall on other platforms in the future - similar to how PlayStation has begun slowly releasing is exclusives on PC long after their original release, but there's nothing set in stone yet. If you want to play Redfall on day 1, you'll need an Xbox or PC.

If you're looking for more on the game, make sure to read our guide on whether Redfall is coming to PS5. We also have an article on whether Redfall is coming to Game Pass. And make sure to check our guide on whether Redfall is an open-world game.

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