Is Redfall coming to PS5?

The sun setting in the Redfall open world.

The sun setting in the Redfall open world.

Is a Redfall PS5 release on the cards? Arkane Studios' latest game has been a prominent talking point as of late, due to rumours of a possible PS5 version of the game being cancelled.

Redfall is a first person shooter game in which you choose a character in which to best fight off bloodthirsty vampires either with friends or as a single player experience. Read on to find out what’s got gamers whispering about the game’s potential PS5 release.

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Is Redfall coming to PS5?

The simple answer is, no, Redfall won’t be releasing on PS5. Labelled as a Microsoft exclusive, it looks as if PlayStation players won’t get the chance to get their hands on Redfall. However, the interesting question remains: why were people under the impression that a version of the game would be coming to Sony’s popular console?

In an interview with IGN France, Creative Director Harvey Smith clearly confirmed that there was a PS5 version of the game in development. In speaking on the difficulties of Arkane Studio’s publisher, Bethesda, being acquired by Microsoft, Harvey Smith told IGN that the PS5 version was subsequently cancelled.

Despite having the highly popular Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft has struggled to compete with Sony when it comes to console exclusives. Sony has featured exclusives that include The Last of Us, Spider-Man, and God of War Ragnarok. Clearly, the competition is stiff so it wasn't surprising that Microsoft cancelled the PS5 version of the game.

What platforms is Redfall coming to?

Whilst PlayStation loyalists might be disappointed that their opportunity to play a fun co-op game fighting against an army of the undead, there is a small light at the end of the tunnel. Redfall will be available to play on Xbox Series X|S and PC on May 2, 2023.

So, if you’re alright switching your controller for your mouse and keyboard, then you can play Redfall alongside all the Xbox owners on release day.

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