Potion Permit dog - How to feed your dog in Potion Permit

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Potion Permit dog - How to feed your dog in potion permit

If you're wondering how to care for the Potion Permit dog (and how to feed your dog in Potion Permit as well), you get brownie points for finding this page rather than letting your furry companion fade away. Being one of the game's main pets, you'll want to form a good relationship with him.

As well as this, we go over where you will find dog food in Potion Permit, some general tips for how the dog works and how the friendship bar works in Potion Permit. Every villager is worth interacting with so much sure you know what you're doing to get the right treatment for the town villagers.

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How to feed your dog in Potion Permit

Some may find this confusing as you can't just interact with them normally, you have to call them first, then interact. Without the first step, you'll just seemingly have a very stubborn dog.

On the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, you will see a small dog icon. Under this will be a prompt (it is R2 on PlayStation). This will call the dog to you. Just walk them and interact with them to pull up a menu, allowing you to feed or pet the pooch.

Potion Permit dog - How to feed your dog in potion permit
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How does the Potion Permit dog work?

Now that you know how to feed the dog in Potion Permit, it's time to learn why you should feed the dog in Potion Permit.

First, he will follow you whenever you go outside. This means he will not go inside any of the houses. If you want to interact with him, it will have to be done outside

Like everyone in Potion Permit, he needs to be interacted with quite a lot. You will spot a small icon at the bottom of a chicken drumstick depleting. This is a sign he can take food. There don't seem to be many negative effects from not feeding him so this is likely just an indication his friendship bar can go up.

How to increase friendships in Potion Permit

Friendships dominate the world of Potion Permit. You can talk to villagers every single day after the short tutorial is over. This will increase your friendship bar just a little each time.

You can also opt to give villagers gifts, seeing the bar go up much higher at the expense of your time and money hunting one down.


How to get food for your dog

You can buy food from the tavern but the most reliable way of feeding your dog is by harvesting mushrooms in the forest. These will satiate your dog for some time and are entirely free. Harvest them every day for a few days and you shouldn't have to hunt down any more food for a while.

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