Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith - Release date, pre-order and card list

Banner for Pokemon Crown Zenith

Banner for Pokemon Crown Zenith

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We're getting closer and closer to the end of Pokemon's Sword and Shield era, with Scarlet and Violet due to begin very soon. To cap off the generation, the Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith special set is coming out soon.

To get you ready for what is rumoured to be one of the biggest sets of all time, we have all the details you need on Crown Zenith's release date, how to pre order it, and what the full card list is shaping up to look like.

If you're excited for the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games, we have everything you need to know about them, including what the starters look like, which legendaries are in the game, and a look at all of the new Pokemon revealed for the Paldea region. You'll see them in card form next year!

Pokemon TCG Crown Zenith release date

With a week to go before the launch of Silver Tempest, the Pokemon TCG has announced the final set of Sword and Shield. Along with it, we also have a release date.

Crown Zenith is due to release January 20, 2022, just after the new year. This is the officially announced release date but some regions of the world may get the product later due to shipping or production delays.


Despite having a release date, there aren't any current preorders up for this product just yet. Most online retailers are still doing preorders for Silver Tempest ahead of it's release, but we should see them open up soon. Be sure to check back here for some links to preorder the set when it goes live.

Crown Zenith card list

Given that this set was just announced we don't have any exact cards revealed. Though we do have a hint of two of the Pokemon that will be in the set.

It wouldn't be a Sword and Shield set without the two keymark legendaries, Zacian and Zamazenta. We do know the card contents of the set though. Crown Zenith sports the following card distribution

  • Over 160 cards
  • three new Radiant Pokemon
  • five colossal Pokemon VMAX
  • eight shining Pokemon VSTAR
  • 17 powerful Pokemon V
  • 70 cards with special artwork

And that's all we have for you so far! Be sure to check back regularly, as we'll be updating this guide as more information about Crown Zenith gets announced.

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