How to get more continues in Pokemon Stadium

Want to know how to get more continues in Pokemon Stadium? Continues are a vital tool that trainers have access to and knowing how to get more is very important. This is where our guide comes in, which will tell you exactly how to stack as many as possible.

With the re-release of the game on Nintendo Switch Online, many players will be coming back to the game after almost 25 years, and many more will be playing it for the first time. Knowing how to get continues is going to help make your experience in the game much better, whether you're old or new.

How to get more continues in Pokemon Stadium

Continues are something that every trainer needs to know how to get more of. It's a very important tool to have as you're going through the cups and Gym Leader Castle, as they can save a run from an unforeseen disaster.

In order to get more continues, you'll need to defeat a trainer without losing any Pokemon in the battle. That's it. That's the only way.

You'll want to stack these as much as possible by playing efficiently in earlier fights, as there tends to be less risk with these starting fights. Doing so will give you the wiggle room you need for the more difficult fights later in the cup.

While the goal is to go flawless throughout the entirety of a cup or Gym Leader run, things happen. Having those back up continues will let you fight on without worrying too much about the setback that comes from failure or losing to a chance status effect.

And that's all you need to know about getting more continues in Pokemon Stadium. While you're here, why not check out some of our guides to the Poke Cup, Petit Cup, and how to unlock Round 2, where stacking continues will be incredibly valuable.

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