Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Valentine's Day raid event - Tandemaus tera raid

Picture of Tandemaus in a tera raid

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is filled with tons of end game content to take on for every player, including tera raids. Including the ones that spawn in game, Game Freak is adding many raid events, including the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Valentine's Day raid event.

This upcoming event is featuring a fan favorite Pokemon that is new to this generation and it's a favorite for multiple reasons. This event won't be around long, so you'll definitely want to participate in it. We'll give you the details around this event so you can snag this adorable Pokemon.

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When is the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Valentine's Day raid event?

The dates for the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Valentine's Day raid event is happening exactly when you'd expect it to, Valentine's Day! Well, around Valentine's Day anyways. Here's the exact dates for the event.

  • February 13, 2023 - February 15, 2023

What Pokemon do I get in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Valentine's Day raid event?

The Pokemon that you'll be challenging in the Valentine's Day is none other than Tandemaus! Tandemaus is a brand new Pokemon to generation IX, and it's a massive fan favorite 'Mon. It's absolutely adorable, being a pair of incredibly tiny mice holding hands.

It also an incredibly powerful Pokemon in the VGC, but only once it has evolved into Maushold. Currently on our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet series one VGC tier list, it ranks in the S-tier because of it's signature move Population Bomb, as well as it's interactions with another top tier Pokemon in the format, Annihilape.

This Tandemaus that you'll be battling against has a Fairy tera type. While this isn't the best tera type for Maushold, it can be useful depending on the moves that it knows. You'll ideally want to have it be a normal tera type, but luckily, you get a free 50 normal tera shards in the game.

Does the Tandemaus have an event special move?

We don't know if there's going to be an event special move that this Tandemaus will have. We don't know if the Game Freak is going to take after Pokemon GO! in giving up an exclusive move. Be sure to check back, if any new information comes out about this raid event, then we'll update this article.

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