How to evolve Gurdurr into Conkeldurr in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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Two Pokemon characters looking shocked by an evolving Gurdurr.

Need to know how to evolve Gurdurr into Conceldurr in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Teal Mask DLC? This powerful Pokemon only reaches its true potential when it evolves into its third form. And given the feats it has managed in tournaments in the past, it's one every competitive player will want to have — it's not just for the collectors.

Whether you're aiming to complete the Kitakami Pokedex, want this one on your regular team, or have lofty ambitions of climbing the competitive ranks with it, we'll walk you through the process of evolving Gurdurr into Conkeldurr, as well as detailing some popular competitive movesets.

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How to evolve Gurdurr into Conkeldurr in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teal Mask

The process of evolving Gurdurr into its final form, Conkeldurr, in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Teal Mask DLC is no different to past games. Just trade it across games to trigger the evolution. There's no held item necessary.

To make things a little easier, you can organize a trade-back with a friend or trusted player over the internet — Discord or Twitter can be a good way to find groups to trade with.

Another way would be to use the game's online trade system to trade your Gurdurr for another person's Gurdurr. That way you both get what you want. That should be a common sight on the trade menu.

Best competitive moveset for Conkeldurr

Here's a quick look at how to set up Conkeldurr as a competitive powerhouse, including the best Tera type for Conkeldurr, the best ability, nature, EVs, and moves.

Note that things could change slightly with the introduction of new moves and complimenting Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet. This is a guideline only based on popular picks seen in previous competitive circuits:

Tera Type

  • Normal


  • Drain Punch
  • Mach Punch
  • Knock Off
  • Facade


  • Guts


  • Adamant


  • Flame Orb


  • 104 HP
  • 252 Atk
  • 152 Spe

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