How to beat Miraidon, the Guardian of Paradise in Pokemon Violet

Miraidon Guardian of Paradise

Miraidon Guardian of Paradise
March 3, 2023: Learn the strategy to beat Miraidon, the Guardian of Paradise.

Struggling to square off against the final boss of Pokemon Violet? Here's how to beat Miraidon, the Guardian of Paradise, and see the credits roll. There's more to the game after that (as well as a chance to catch the Pokemon you beat) but putting this part behind you can be tricky.

Just read on and you'll find out how to beat Miraidon, the Guardian of Paradise in Pokemon Violet. There's a special strategy you need to use to beat this powerful Pokemon that should ensure you don't need to repeat the fight that came before it.

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How to beat Miraidon, the Guardian of Paradise in Pokemon Violet

After defeating Professor Turo and his legion of Paradox Pokemon, he will become desperate and summon Miraidon to fight against you. With your Pokeballs locked down in the process, there's only one Pokemon you're able to send out to defend yourself - your own Miraidon.

How to get out of the party menu in the Miraidon boss battle

Though it hasn't come out to fight by your side until this point, its hardened resolve and prior encounter with the Miraidon that injured it at the start of your journey has empowered it to finally fight by your side.

Scroll to the bottom of your party list and press A on Miraidon. Select the 'Send out' option and the screen will light up. Miraidon will come out of its ball, transform into its seldom-seen Battle Form, and begin the final bout. But it needs your help.

Miraiden on nature
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Miraidon, the Guardian of Paradise boss strategy

To kick things off, Miraidon, the Guardian of Paradise, will use its Hadron Engine ability to lay Electric Terrain and increase the Sp. Atk of both Pokemon. It may sound scary, but it's fine. Ignore that part.

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Focus on pelting the Pokemon with Power Gem. Each shot should shave off around 10% of Miraidon's HP. So does that mean you just need to get ten shots off, chugging Max Potions and Full Restores between its big hits? Not exactly.

The fight isn't as straightforward as it might seem. Miraidon can use shields, Taunt, and use various other moves to survive longer while dishing out some real paint. Just know that the outcome is largely pre-determined. Just hold out with chip damage and restoratives long enough that your friends urge you to Terastallize Miraidon to secure the win.

To finish the fight, use your Tera Orb as prompted. At that point, using Tera Blast should end things for the opponent, putting you on the final path to the credits scene.

In conclusion, even though Miraidon Guardian of Paradise is one of the most powerful enemies in the new Pokemon game, you can easily beat Miraidon, the Guardian of Paradise by just sticking with the battle.

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