Pokemon GO Teddiursa Community Day (November 2022) details - Hundo CP, shiny, and best Ursaluna moves

Teddiursa starring as the SPotlight Pokemon

Teddiursa starring as the SPotlight Pokemon

Pokemon GO Teddiursa community day is here, and we can bear-ly wait. This time, it's Teddiursa, the Little Bear Pokémon will get its chance to evolve into Ursaluna for the first time, rocking a powerful Ground-type move to boot.

Pokemon GO's Community Days give players a chance to come together in the real world to celebrate the game they enjoy while gathering the spotlight Pokemon featured in the event.

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When is the November 2022 Pokemon GO Community Day?

The November 2022 Community Day for Pokemon GO will start on Saturday, November 12, 2022. It runs from 2 PM to 5 PM local time, with time afterwards to evolve the special Pokemon.

Teddiursa themed stickers in Pokemon GO
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What is the spotlight Pokemon in the Pokemon GO Community Day November 2022?

In this upcoming community, there's a new spotlight Pokemon: Teddiursa. This time, we can evolve it to Ursaluna, the new evolution of Ursaring from Pokemon Legends Arceus!

There will be a full moon hanging out in the sky from the start of PoGO Community Day to 6 AM local time the next day. If you evolve your Ursaring while the big moon is out, it'll turn into Ursaluna.

This is the only time you can evolve Ursaluna until another full moon comes along, but will still cost 100 Candies. You'll have to catch a lot.

What is the Teddiursa Community Day move?

Those lucky enough to evolve an Ursaluna in time will get one with the featured attack - High Horsepower. One of the strongest moves in Pokemon, and Pokemon GO, this is sure to make an impact against the competition.

In Trainer Battles, the move will have 100 power, and in gyms or raids, it'll be 110.

What is the Teddiursa hundo CP?

If we're talking about non-weather boosted wild catches, 759 is the CP you're looking for if you want a hundo Teddiursa.

Ursaluna moves - What's the best fast and charged move?

Ursaluna can reportedly learn two different fast moves and four different charged moves - though it'll only have access to three if you TM its Community Day move away after the event. Those are as follows:

  • Fast moves
    • Tackle
    • Rock Smash
  • Charged moves
    • Fire Punch
    • Thunder Punch
    • Aerial Ace
    • High Horsepower (Community Day)

Ursaluna's moveset isn't particularly great without High Horsepower. Tackle will get a STAB bonus, so it probably worth using in most cases given Rock Smash's comparable base power, but it could edge out against other Normal-type Pokemon.

On the charged attack side, you'll always want to keep High Horsepower. It's already a powerful move, and Ursaluna's matching type will boost it further. It gets good weakness coverage with its choice of charged moves, but they're not worth losing High Horsepower for.

Shiny Teddiursa odds - Can Teddiursa be shiny?

Absolutely. Shiny Teddiursa has been around for a while, but you'll see boosted rates during community day.

The Twitter post above shows what a shiny shadow Ursaring and Ursaluna look like, too. Just in case you've been lucky enough to find a shiny Teddiursa in a Rocket Grunt battle.

What are the Pokemon GO Community Day November 2022 bonuses?

Every Community Day comes with some bonuses so we can catch as many Pokémon as possible, and evolve them, while the event is live.

For the November Teddiursa Community Day, here are the specific bonuses we'll receive:

  • 3x catch bonus Stardust
  • 2x catch bonus Candy
  • 2x catch bonus Candy chance to get XL Candy
  • Lure Modules last three hours
  • Incense lasts three hours
  • Extra rewards for taking Community Day photos.
  • Trades will cost 50% less Stardust

These rewards will only apply during the event hours, so get trading quickly!

Players can also purchase or earn Ursaring and Teddiursa-themed stickers in-game to send to friends via the gifting mechanic.

What is the special timed research on the Teddiursa Community Day?

Teddiursa is getting treated to a Special Research story this Community Day, as other 'Mon have been in the past. Teddiursa's event is named 'A Sweet Snack', and it will cost $1 or the local equivalent to take part. Tickets will be available soon for the Special Research Story.

And that's about all there is to say about Teddiursa community day right now. For more on what happened during the last, check out the Pokemon GO Gold Coin event page.

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