What is the Olimar safe combination in Pikmin 4?

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The Hero's Hideaway map in Pikmin 4.
July 24, 2023: Pikmin 4 has been out for a few days now, but note that the Olimar safe combination won't be the same for everyone.

As you approach the end of the story mode, you'll need to find the Olimar safe combination in Pikmin 4. This will open up the hatch where the beloved captain is holed up, bringing the primary part of your journey to an end. However, discovering the combination in itself is no easy feat.

In this guide, we'll outline what the Olimar safe combination is in Pikmin 4, as well as how to find it. This involves plenty of exploration in one of the game's most dense areas, and some puzzle-solving to boot.

The Olimar safe combination (431) in Pikmin 4.
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Pikmin 4 Olimar safe combination

The Olimar safe combination in Pikmin 4 is 431. This is the three-digit code you'll need to input to the safe in the middle of the Hero's Hideaway world.

Once you land in Hero's Hideaway, you'll be informed that Olimar has ended up holing up in this region. Then it's a task of discovering exactly where in this massive kitchen he's gone. Fortunately, just in front of the first spawn point is a table with a massive safe above it, with a three-digit combination needed to open the gate.

The lock on this safe shows three different suits from playing cards: a red heart, yellow diamond, and blue club. Your task is then to explore Hero's Hideaway thoroughly, finding playing cards hidden across the landscape and bringing them back to your base to decipher.

Fortunately, the game doesn't force you to find all three of the playing cards before inputting the code. As such, you can simply use the combination we've listed above, or you can find two of the three cards and use some good old-fashioned guesswork to get the last one.


However, one thing to note is that the Olimar safe combination varies from save to save. It's randomly generated, meaning the code that worked for us may not necessarily do the trick for you.

That's all for our guide on the Pikmin 4 Olimar safe combination. If you're looking for more on the game, check out all Pikmin types in Pikmin 4, as well as the best Oatchi upgrades to use.

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