How to remove mask in Payday 3

The faceless Payday crew in a cutscene from Payday 3
Credit: Starbreeze Entertainment

The faceless Payday crew in a cutscene from Payday 3
Credit: Starbreeze Entertainment

Looking to show your pretty face to a crowd of terrified hostages? Or perhaps you've snuck past the riskiest part of a Payday 3 heist and just want to blend in? We can help you out. Read on to find out if and how you can remove your mask in Payday 3!

The Payday crew is back, albeit a little reluctantly. After seemingly driving off into the sunset to enjoy being a bunch of rich retirees, someone has come to thwart their peaceful lifestyle by trying to take them out and clear their accounts. They were successful in one part of this so now the band is back together to steal some funds and find out who is to blame for this!

We've got duffel bags overflowing with Payday 3 content! For more info on the game, take a look at our walkthrough for the Dirty Ice heist. On top of that, we've also got you covered with the game's trophy / achievements list and the PC requirements to run the game.

The masks from Payday 3 in a line
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Credit: Starbreeze Entertainment
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How to remove your mask in Payday 3

Putting your mask on in Payday 3 is an essential component in almost every heist situation as it ensures anonymity in circumstances where guns are drawn and hostages are taken. While this may be the case, the sneakiest of us may be able to slip through most of the heist locations without alerting the authorities, so you may not even need to wear your mask for long.

Unfortunately, as it stands there isn't an option to take off your mask in Payday 3. Who knows, this may change in the future as the game gets updates, but at the moment once you commit to your facial accessory, you're stuck with it until the end of the heist.

That's all there is to know about removing your mask in Payday 3 so far! For more info on the game, be sure to take a look at whether Payday 3 has crossplay and if you can play the game solo.

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