How to complete Payday 3 Dirty Ice heist

Ashton Fine Jewelry heist location from Payday 3
Credit: Starbreeze Entertainment

Ashton Fine Jewelry heist location from Payday 3
Credit: Starbreeze Entertainment

Are you trying to relieve Ashton Fine Jewellers of their expensive wares? Look no further, we have all the intel you'll need to perform a successful robbery in the Payday 3 Dirty Ice heist.

With multiple looting locations, the next instalment in the Payday franchise looks to carry on the momentum of its very popular predecessors. Now with a fresh batch of targets, from banks to museums and jewellery stores, and new features like heist phases and more in-depth hostage management, finding the right strategy is more critical than ever.

If you've got some pending questions about Payday 3, we might just have the answers! You can find out right here if you can play the game solo, as well as whether Payday 3 supports crossplay.

Ashton Fine Jewellers from Payday 3
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Credit: Starbreeze Entertainment
Blood diamonds are a girl's best friend

How to complete the Payday 3 Dirty Ice heist

There are a variety of ways that you can approach the Dirty Ice heist in Payday 3, which is one of the things that will make the game so popular. Whether you burst in with guns in hand or opt to slip in unnoticed, you're bound to find success if your execution is on point.

Nonetheless, there are a number of focal points that you'll want to consider in order to get the most out of your heist. So, whether loud or quiet, these are the points of emphasis in the Dirty Ice heist.

Stake out the building

There are a couple of key areas you'll want to cover before you infiltrate the building for the sake of being able to manoeuvre around the site without any untimely obstacles. These primarily include keycards, a phone scan, and the code to the high-value items.


Keycards can be found on the belts of the security guards patrolling the building in the Payday 3 Dirty Ice heist. These are, of course, high-risk plays to get them, but are worthwhile as you'll be able to pass through some specific locked doors. There is a risk of being caught and setting off the alarm if you are spotted, so ensure you're well and truly behind the guard and hidden from view before swiping their card.

QR code

You'll also need to scan a phone in order to get through some other secure locations within the store. One of these can be found early in the heist by lockpicking the first gate you encounter on the left at the start of the run, past the security and on the ground to the left of the parked car. Scan this to acquire the QR code to get through doors.

Basement code

The last objective you'll want before getting into the thick of the Dirty Ice heist is the code to the basement, where some very high-value documents can be found. You can do this by entering the store and heading to the back of the showroom, where you can find the manager. She's standing in front of a pillar that has a portrait of her on the other side. This photo has her employee number on the bottom, which is the code to the basement door.

The manager's office from the Dirty Ice heist in Payday 3
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Credit: Payday 3
Hello, I'd like to speak to the manager

Important locations in the Payday 3 Dirty Ice heist

Once you've prepped for the Dirty Ice heist in Payday 3, it's time to get to the most important locations within the jewellery store.

Evidence documents

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The first key location is underground, where you will find some important documents that can be used as leverage against the manager. This is generally used for a quiet approach, but is definitely handy to know.

To the right of the main entrance, you'll find a set of stairs that leads to an unlockable gate. Go past this (be wary of the camera) and use the QR code to open the door on the left. Once through, open the door on the left by entering the manager's employee number.

Make your way through the room, avoiding the cameras, and take out the guard in the surveillance room. Once he is out of the picture, you can continue past this room to another locked door where you will find a safe. Crack the safe and send the photo to your tech support.

Manager's office

The manager's office is the most important location in the Dirty Ice heist, as it is where you can find the essential intel for the VIP showroom and the jewellery cleaner. To get there, you'll need to go back to the entry to the basement, go up the stairs, and follow the corridor. The manager's office is through the first door on the left. Be wary of this corridor, however, as it's one of the more heavily patrolled areas in the store.

In the manager's office, you'll find a computer, which can be unlocked using the phone on the desk, containing essential information for the heist. The most important of these are the multi-tag scanner, which you will need to remove the etchings on the goods, and how to open the vault.

VIP showroom and multi-tag scanner

After the manager's office, you'll want to move into the VIP showroom and get to work using the multi-tag scanner. Jewellery that hasn't been cleaned by the scanner will be significantly lower in value, so it's a worthwhile investment to determine what's worth stealing.

On the opposite side of the corridor of the manager's office, you'll find a door to the right. This is the entrance to the VIP showroom. After entering the room, head to the opposite end and find the room in the back, where you will find the multi-tag scanner. Loot the VIP showroom and take the items to the scanner for cleaning. Once they're clean, they can be collected and taken to the van so you can get the maximum value out of them.

The Vault

The trickiest section of the heist requires two people to access it. If you're playing in a team, this will be a relatively simple process. However, those who are going about this solo will find this to be quite challenging. To open the vault, you'll need a red security keycard and a second person to press the button in the manager's office.

A red keycard can be found on a security guard in the basement. If you've already been down there then you'll likely already have one, as well as the leverage you need to lure the manager to her office.

For team players, opening the vault won't require the manager. You'll simply need one person to press the red button on the manager's desk while another swipes the keycard. However, solo players will require the manager's unwilling assistance.

To get the manager to her office, you'll be prompted by your support to patch through a call to her cell, where your intel will hint at knowing about the store's dirty secrets in the basement. This will motivate her to immediately visit her office.

For solo players, you'll want to take the manager as a human shield, move her to the end of the table opposite the door, and shove her into it. This will force her to press the red button for the vault, which is the first part of the unlock process. You'll then need to quickly use the keycard to complete the unlock and reveal the incredibly valuable stone that is stored inside.

That sums up the key features of the Dirty Ice heist, so go lighten the load at Ashton Fine Jewellers! For more Payday 3 content, find out which city the game is set in. We've also got you covered with the game's PC requirements and the complete list of achievements!

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