Is Payday 3 crossplay?

The gang of heisters in Payday 3.

The gang of heisters in Payday 3.

Have you got friends from different walks of life that, for some reason that you just can't figure out, are loyal to that other gaming platform? With a new cops and robbers title almost launched, it's time to find out if Payday 3 is crossplay.

The four-player cooperative heisting title will take you to a number of unique locations and let you loose to steal anything and everything. But, of course, like its predecessors, Payday 3 will be impossible to overcome without some strategy. Assemble your finest thieving friends and take all the loot!

Payday 3 is nearly here, so it's time to get in the know about the game! We'll help you out by revealing the game's achievements list, as well as letting you know when to expect the game with our release countdown!

Does Payday 3 have crossplay?

Gaming fans can rejoice because Payday 3 is confirmed to support crossplay, meaning you can steal stuff with your best pals, no matter what platform they game on. This is rock-solid info, as it is confirmed on the game's official website in their frequently asked questions.

Unfortunately for gamers on the older-gen consoles, this won't apply to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. In fact, the developers have confirmed that the game runs on Unreal Engine 4 and won't be available on either of the older models. Fortunately for those with the next-gen consoles, you'll be able to link up with your buds on either console or PC.

Payday 3's Chains, from the Payday gang
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LT and L2 are together at last *happy tears*

Does Payday 3 support cross-progression?

Another green light has been flashed by the team at Starbreeze Entertainment, as they confirmed that Payday 3 also supports cross-progression. That means that no matter what platform you're on, you'll be able to pick up right where you left off in your last session. That's neat.

That's all you need to know about Payday 3 and its crossplay capabilities. But just because this one is over, doesn't mean there isn't more to learn about that game! Take a look at where Payday 3's narrative is based!

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