Payday 3 release time countdown - When does the game launch?

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The four masks of the Payday crew
Credit: Starbreeze Entertainment
September 21, 2023: Payday 3's release time is today, so check our countdown to get ready.

Get your duffel bags, guns, disguises and signature masks ready, Payday 3 is almost upon us! Here is our Payday 3 release time countdown so you can find out when the game is launching in your region.

After riding off into the sunset with the fruits of their labour, all seemed well for the Payday gang at the end of the previous title, Payday 2. But if all was sunshine and rainbows, there wouldn't be a third one now, would there? Get ready to find out where it all went pear-shaped.

For even more on Payday 3, check out whether you can play the game solo, and if it has crossplay. We've also got a Payday 3 Dirty Ice heist walkthrough!

The global map showing Payday 3 release times
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Credit: Starbreeze Entertainment
It's thievin' season

Payday 3 release time countdown

Payday 3 officially releases on September 21, 2023 at 4 PM BST. That comes a few days after the early access period, which started on September 19. The countdown below will hit zero as soon as Payday 3 goes live!

Payday 3 release time countdown


Check out below for all of the release times for Payday 3's full public launch across the globe.

City/Timezone Release date + time
Los Angeles (PDT)September 21, 08:00
New York (EDT)September 21, 11:00
Sao Paulo (BRT)September 21, 12:00
London (BST)September 21, 16:00
Paris (CEST)September 21, 17:00
Istanbul (TRT)September 21, 18:00
Tokyo (JST)September 22, 00:00
Sydney (AEST)September 22, 01:00
Auckland (NZST)September 22, 03:00

What to expect from Payday 3

For those who have yet to dip their toes in the water of the Payday franchise, expect a lot of stealin' and a lot of wavin' of firearms. It's a great title for those who like to play with friends, as it is marketed as a four person co-op. This makes sense, as the original Payday gang consists of four members: Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf, and Chains.


In an IP that plays heavily on the cops and robbers fantasy we all played as kids, it'll be up to you and your comrades to devise the perfect heist to infiltrate the location, pinch the goods, and disappear without a trace. There are a number of different scenarios to test yourself on and the option to choose your difficulty, so you'll be tested regardless of your experience.

We hope you're looking forward to Payday 3 as much as we are! for more on the game, check out the Payday 3 PC requirements to see if your rig is up for the job.

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