How to unlock new rides in Park Beyond

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Park Beyond promotional art with roller coaster and angry squid ride

No amusement park would be complete without a wide variety of unique rides; the same is true for your park in Park Beyond. After getting your footing, you may be wondering about how to unlock new rides in Park Beyond.

The progression method is actually quite straightforward and satisfying. However, it's a bit limiting and requires a lot of growth before you can access everything. So be sure to pick carefully when unlocking new rides in Park Beyond.

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Unlocking new rides in Park Beyond

When you start off in Park Beyond, you choose a theme and work with a limited selection of rides that you can build. However, as your park grows, you're going to want to unlock more rides. This can be done at Sofia's Lab, which is the game's amusement ride research centre that lets you get Lab Expansions in Park Beyond. Sofia's lab contains a wide selection of sets, each with its own theme that you can unlock. For example, you have Lab expansions such as the PAC-Man theme or the Zombie theme or simple things like Classic rides and general appeal.

Unlock new rides in Park Beyond at Sofia's lab
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However, when it comes to unlocking these rides, the requirements are a bit strict. For starters, you can only unlock one set of rides at a time, and to unlock a set, you need to level up your overall Park Level. This can only be done as you level up your fun rating and cleanliness ratings.

Park Beyond level up screen
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Just make sure you pick your Lab Expansion carefully, as it may take a while before you unlock the next one. We suggest unlocking a Lab Expansion that you feel your park genuinely needs, such as shops and need fulfilment Lab Expansions. Other than that, we also suggest trying to stick with a specific theme while you initially expand your park so that you can attract a targeted customer demographic.

That's all you need to know about unlocking new rides in Park Beyond. For more guides, check out how to increase happiness and increase the fun level.

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