How to make money fast in Park Beyond

Park Beyond stage and shark mouth entrance

Park Beyond stage and shark mouth entrance

Like any good management simulator, money plays an important role in Park Beyond. Almost every interaction in the game costs money. However, almost every interaction is also an opportunity to make money fast in Park Beyond.

While making money is good, if you want to grow your amusement park quickly, you must know how to make money fast in Park Beyond. This means you must have a good grasp of the best money-making schemes in the game so far. We've got you covered with five tips to quickly make money in Park Beyond if you find yourself in a pinch.

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5 ways to make money fast in Park Beyond

Normally, you will start the game with around $10,000, and your income will take a while to increase. However, with some good investments and planning, you will see sizeable returns on your income quite early on. So, without any delay, let's get into the five most efficient methods you can employ to quickly get your hands on a load of cash.

Focus on high-profitability rides

Park beyond flat rides menu with ride rates and profitability
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This first one might seem like a no-brainer, but you can see how profitable a ride is before buying and building it. Check the Profitability rating represented by Dollar symbols before building a ride. More Dollar symbols mean higher profitability ratings and lower maintenance costs.

Increase the Entry Fee

Increasing the Entry Fee is the most feasible method of quickly increasing your revenue per customer. This is because the entry fee is something that each customer will be paying.

Therefore, in accordance with your park's popularity, small changes in the entry fee can lead to large revenue increases in Park Beyond. However, this is more of a mid-game strategy you should rely on as your Amusement Park's popularity increases. Scale the entry fee with your Park's popularity to steadily increase your income without scaring away any potential customers.

Increase the cost of popular attractions and items

This is not limited to rides only, as Park Beyond allows you to make money from stalls, bathrooms and individual items in the aforementioned stalls. For example, if a ride is extremely popular or you see long queues at certain attractions, you should increase the fees a bit to balance it out.

Additionally, you can review customer feedback, where they will mention if a ride feels cheaper than it is worth. Speaking of feedback, if you hover over your stall items, it will let you know which items are in demand with a green ribbon symbol over them. Increasing prices in response to customer feedback is a safe and effective strategy to make money fast in Park Beyond.

Delete unpopular rides

Deleting rides is actually a pretty useful way to make money fast in Park Beyond. If you feel a ride is underperforming, not popular enough, costs too much to maintain or any reason that you feel is valid, you can always remove it for a quick hit of money. This process is instant and will give you a bunch of cash to spend on more profitable endeavours.

Take out loans

Park Beyond Loan menu to get money fast
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Lastly, we have the reliable method of taking out loans from lenders to fund your latest amusement park venture. Just note that while taking a loan is a good way to make money fast in Park Beyond, the lenders will also charge you varying degrees of interest that you will have to pay off. Don't borrow more than you can safely return!

That's all you need to know about quickly making money in Park Beyond. With these tips in mind, you won't have to worry about money problems, especially considering that the game is more fun-oriented instead of focusing on financial management challenges. If you're looking for more guides, be sure to check out our pieces on how to unlock new rides and increase your fun rating.

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