How to increase happiness in Park Beyond

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Park Beyond cover art with giant squid and roller coaster

As you play the game, you'll need to know how to increase happiness in Park Beyond. If you're a fan of management simulator games, then Park Beyond is definitely for you. You're responsible for taking care of every aspect of your amusement park experience, including your customers' needs.

Increasing customer happiness in Park Beyond will result in more satisfied customers, willing to generate more revenue for your park to grow. It's essential for any good park, so here are the best methods to increase happiness in Park Beyond.

How to increase Happiness in Park Beyond

First, if you want to check out your happiness rating, you can see it near the top of your screen. You can check out the Happiness heat map to get an overview of overall customer happiness. You will also see the four primary factors that contribute to customer happiness:

  • Food
  • Drink
  • Toilet
  • Energy

These are the four factors you need to focus on to increase happiness in Park Beyond.

You can achieve this by placing food and drink stalls at regular intervals throughout the park in Park Beyond. The same goes for the placement of your toilets. Try not to make your customers walk too much, as it saps their energy and frustrates them quickly. Moreover, you might want to keep the charges for these facilities reasonable early on.

Another thing you definitely need to focus on is the queue times and entertainment/facilities during these queues. If a ride has long queues, customers will easily get tired and frustrated, negatively impacting your overall happiness rating in Park Beyond. Place the aforementioned facilities and hire entertainers near these queues to satisfy your customers.

Cleanliness is another important factor to increasing happiness in Park Beyond. You should make sure to place trash cans at regular intervals throughout the park. Furthermore, hire cleaning staff to keep the overall environment of your park clean. A clean park will increase your customer happiness in Park Beyond.

Lastly, pay attention to customer feedback and reviews. Customers will often comment on facilities such as rides, stalls, entertainment facilities, and even the bathrooms. If you keep up with the feedback and tackle it appropriately, you will quickly increase your happiness rating in Park Beyond.

Happiness in Park beyond rating at top of the screen
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What is Happiness in Park Beyond?

As the name suggests, Happiness in Park Beyond is the level of satisfaction your customers feel from their overall park experience. The Happiness Rating is expressed as a percentage right next to your Park Level on the HUD, and when starting out, it will hover around the 50-60% mark. However, if you want to bring in larger crowds or increase your revenue, you must increase the Happiness Rating.

That's all you need to know about increasing your happiness rating in Park Beyond! While you're here, check out our picks of the best free simulation games for even more titles like this.

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