How to increase fun rating in Park Beyond

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Park Beyond fun rating ride
Credit: Limbic Entertainment

Perhaps the best indicator of whether a video game is good or not is its fun factor. The same applies to theme parks, and that will be your job as a manager in Park Beyond. This means that increasing the fun rating in Park Beyond will translate to happier customers, more visitors, and more money in your pocket.

Thankfully, transforming your park from a barren wasteland to the ultimate fun experience for the family is quite simple. Goodbye to all the other shenanigans that would impact your theme park-building process in the real world. Just focus on imprinting the best memories on your customers, and you will be good to go.

How do you increase your fun rating in Park Beyond? Continue reading to find out.

How to increase fun rating in Park Beyond

Fun rating in Park Beyond and how to increase it.
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Credit: Limbic Entertainment

Build rides with a high fun rating

This is pretty straightforward for your fun rating generation. Whenever you are picking a ride to build in your park, you will see several stats that will indicate this cost, upkeep, visitor preference, and ratings. The last one is the one we should care about.

Each ride will have a specific fun rating under the ratings tab. The more fun icons, the more you will experience a fun rating boost. Choose wisely and balance the rides so you can cover each of the visitor types (adults, families, and teens).

Get more visitors and rides

This is straightforward and will result from your ride-building and entertainer presence in your park. With more visitors coming to your park, your fun rating will increase. You could also alter and reduce the entrance fee to your park, but it fails in comparison to the effect of having fun rides and impossive entertainers.

The same applies to the rides. As said before, keep a good balance between the high-risk and nausea-inducing roller coasters with the more wholesome and easy-going carousels.

Treat nausea by paramedics

Although they come with a very hefty price, paramedics are very important for your park, especially if you have several extreme rides built all around. You don't want your park to have the stench of vomit, right? That's where the paramedics come in. Hire some to increase your fun rating by accessing the staff tab.

Alternatively, by impossifying your shops, you can also get some bonuses that will impact the overall nausea levels, such as the Soothe Stomach, which reduces your visitor's nausea by providing soothing food.

Hire more entertainers

The more entertainers, the more your visitors will get entertained and have fun. It sounds obvious, but many forget about these entertainers quite quickly. Go ahead and open the staff tab and hire entertainers. They are cheap and quite effective in their jobs.

Improve and impossify entertainers


The ultimate and best way to take advantage of your entertainers is to impossify them. This is a sort of transformation that will make your average entertainer into an enjoyable and unique creature entertainer with some very fancy suits.

Locate your entertainer and click on the amazement pencil in the top left corner of the screen. Then click again on the entertainer to impossify them. You can later change their outfit in the staff tab to have different impossified entertainers and staff.

And there you go! Go ahead and manage your park's fun rating in Park Beyond. While you do that, be sure to check out how to make money fast and how to unlock new rides in Park Beyond as well.

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