How to get striped dace in Palia

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Two characters are fishing in Palia
Credit: Singularity 6 Corporation

Are you looking for some easy money in Palia? Well, then you should definitely learn how to get a striped dace in Palia.

A good way to earn some gold in the game is to sell fish, which can be caught in almost any body of water. Striped dace aren't that hard to catch, so all you need to do is to fish in the right location.

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How to catch striped dace in Palia

Striped dace is a common fish in Palia, which can be caught in any river in Kilima Village. You don't need anything else besides a fishing rod because it doesn’t require any bite. In Palia, there are fish that can be caught only at certain times of the day, but the striped dace can be found at any time. Here's what you need to do to catch the fish:

  • Equip a fishing rod with the R button
  • Near a river, press and hold LMB to cast the fishing rod
  • Watch the bobber until it dives three times
  • Press LMB to start pulling out fish
  • A mini-game will start, and you will need to drag the mouse so that the fish does not swim away
    • The brackets must remain green to prevent losing the fish
  • If the bar at the bottom of the screen has not dropped to zero, you will catch the fish and immediately get it in your inventory
Striped dace in Palia
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Credit: Singularity 6 Corporation

How to get star quality striped dace in Palia

If you get a star quality striped dace, you’ll be able to sell it for a bigger price. For you to get one, you should go to the same Kilima Village and start fishing at any river there. The time of the day doesn't matter, either.

But to get a striped dace of star quality, you need to throw the fishing rod into a special spot that randomly appears in the water. Just look for the fish that jump out at these spots, as well as the bubbles that appear sometimes. That's how you know it's a star quality spot!

How to use striped dace in Palia


You can sell striped dace in Palia to get some extra gold. There are two options for this:

  1. The General Store - Just head on over there, select a striped dace, and they'll hand you some shiny gold coins in return.
  2. Another option you can try out is the Shipping Bin at your base. Pop those fishies in the box, and wait for a few minutes for it to be shipped.

The price for the common striped dace is 21 gold, and for a star quality striped dace, you will get as much as 31 gold.

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