Overwatch League skins - How to get free Overwatch League tokens

All confirmed Overwatch 2 Overwatch League skins

All confirmed Overwatch 2 Overwatch League skins

Still looking to nab those Overwatch League skins? Now might very well be your time. It's currently being rumoured that some fan-favourite Overwatch League skins will be available to buy with Overwatch League tokens once the long-awaited sequel arrives in early October.

As well as going over what the limited Overwatch League skins are, we'll go over how to link your Battlenet account with your Twitch, which streams to watch to get some free OWL tokens, and other ways you can get yourself some Overwatch League tokens.

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What are the Overwatch League legendary skins?

The Overwatch League legendary skins are put in the game to celebrate the Esports tournament, Overwatch League. Typically featuring the colours and emblems of the team's that make it big with the respective characters, others have more luxurious elements to them.

Overwatch League skins - How to get free League Tokens
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When will Overwatch League skins come back?

Generally, new skins come out to celebrate big events in the Overwatch League. It seems likely that a bit new tournament will come out close to the launch of Overwatch 2. For now, though, we'll have to wait until the game's official launch.

Though we don't have official confirmation just yet, the Overwatch Cavalry Twitter account has suggested that a reworked Overwatch League Store will return for the launch of Overwatch 2, with "fan favorite Overwatch League skins" returning at the same time.

The details are scarce, and there's no way to validate whether it's even an official claim, but the timing would make sense. Select skins returned around this time last year. And with Overwatch 2 right around the corner, it could be the kind of event to reignite interest in the game's competitive element onto new and returning players.

How do I get Overwatch League skins?

Though you can't find them in the original Overwatch game right now, Overwatch League skins were once obtainable via the Overwatch League tab on the game's main menu.

Either by purchasing Overwatch League tokens through the page or earning them by watching qualifying OWL broadcasts, you were once able to spend them on uniquely branded uniforms and legendary skins you couldn't get from lootboxes.

If they return, the method will likely remain the same.

How to get free Overwatch League Tokens

There is one central way of earning Overwatch League Tokens but you will have to jump through a few hoops first. You earn five League tokens for every hour of Overwatch League you watch live. In order to count this all up, you first have to go to the Battle Net site.

From here, make an account or sign in to your current one. You will need this to play Overwatch and it's a good way of ensuring cross-progression is on. From here, go into settings, then hit the "connections" tab.

You will then be asked to connect this to your account on different consoles. Connect it to your YouTube and Twitch accounts. From here, it will count every second you watch. Just enjoy the Overwatch League and it will give you your tokens.

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