What's the best choice in No Man's Sky The Purge?

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A screenshot of The Purge in No Man's Sky.
Credit: Hello Games

In No Man's Sky, there are several story missions players have to take if they want to progress their journey in-game. The final mission players have to complete is The Purge, which is the last story mission of the Artemis Path upon conclusion of 16/16. So we've prepared this guide on No Man's Sky The Purge and help you decide which choice to make on this mission.

The Purge mission has two decisions you can make. It's crucial that you're able to choose wisely and not regret your choice. So, act carefully and think critically about your planned decision.

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A screenshot of The Purge exotic planet in No Man's Sky.
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Credit: Hello Games

No Man's Sky The Purge mission guide

For some background, The Purge asks the player to find a way to the final Atlas Interface at the centre of the galaxy. At first, players will have to acquire all 16 glyphs from various locations from Travellers on space stations.

Once the player has received the 16th glyph, they must charge and use the marked Portal. Upon entering the portal, the player will finish out The Purge and have the only option to load the last restore point. Furthermore, they will end up on an exotic planet, that most likely consists of extreme sentinels.

They can wander around the exotic planet until the countdown falls to 1/16 and be taken to the final Atlas Interface. Players will then have to use the interface to speak with the Atlas for one final time.

This then leads to the player having to select the "Cry out" from the dialogue until the Atlas responds. Usually, the player must cry out six times for the response. You will then be given two options: Reset the Simulation or Refuse the Atlas.

What happens if I reset the simulation during The Purge in No Man's Sky?

Upon choosing to reset the simulation, you'll be given the choice of the kind of galaxy that will be created next. The four galaxy options are as follows:

  • Lush (green) - Planets created have lush grass areas and bountiful water sources.
  • Harsh (red) - Planets created here have toxic environments.
  • Empty (blue) - Planets created have barren environments.
  • Normal (teal) - The types of planets spawned here are well-balanced in resources and provide a variety of types.

As players choose their galaxy type, the simulation reset will occur, teleporting the player and his starship to a random planet in the newly created galaxy. Moreover, the Technology in the player's Multi-tool and those in the primary inventories of the player's Exosuit and starship will become damaged. Afterwards, the player will need to board their starship after arriving in the new galaxy in order to finish this mission.

What happens if I Refuse the Atlas in No Man's Sky?

If players choose to refuse the Atlas Interface and remain in the current simulation, they'll then be transported to another random planet in your current galaxy. Here, you'll find your Launch Thruster intact and won't have the need to repair it and get off the planet. The mission will end when you enter the Starship but you'll still have the option to reset the simulation if you return to the centre of the galaxy where the Atlas Interface resides.

What choice is best in No Man's Sky The Purge?


Honestly, either choice is good in-game. With the four options in the reset simulation option, you can guarantee that you can get lush planets with resources. While your multi-tool and primary inventories will become damaged, it's certainly worth the sacrifice for a whole new adventure.

If you refuse the Atlas, you'll still have the option to reset the simulation later on. So, this may be the best option you can take. You can try playing for a while with the refusal of the Atlas since you're able to try the simulation reset later on. All you need to do is just go back to the centre of the galaxy where the Atlas Interface resides.

So there you have it, you've completed The Purge mission in No Man's Sky. For more guides like this, you can check out our other pieces such as how to get Aronium in No Man's Sky and how to get Salvaged Frigate Modules in No Man's Sky.

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