My Singing Monsters happiness - How to make monsters happy

A group of singing monsters is staying next to the mountains My Singing Monsters.

A group of singing monsters is staying next to the mountains My Singing Monsters.

My Singing Monsters happiness is a feature which makes you care for your monsters like your own babies. Just like all living creatures, monsters in My Singing Monsters can be happy or sad. And, of course, it would be best to keep most of your monsters happy as it will allow you to play more exciting songs.

In this guide, we'll run you through how to make monsters happy in My Singing Monsters. Moreover, there will be a unique guide on how to make monsters 100% happy. Let’s get started!

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A group of singing monsters on the head of some ancient creature in My Singing Monsters.
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Why you should make Monsters happy in My Singing Monsters

Before finding out about happiness, it would be best to discover why you need to make monsters happy in My Singing Monsters. Most people underestimate this aspect of the game, which is probably one of the biggest mistakes you can make while playing.

The fact is that the happier your monster is, the more coins it will produce for you. Each time you increase happiness by 25%, the coin production rate is also increased by a quarter. But it is not as good as it might seem.

Unfortunately, every monster has an individual coin limit. In most cases, this limit is reached in 5-15 minutes, and when you increase your level of happiness, the monster will increase productivity and reach the coins limit faster. Therefore, you should play the game regularly to profit from a high level of happiness.

How to increase happiness in My Singing Monsters

Many singing monsters in my Singing Monsters.
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Once you know why you need to make your monsters happy, it would be best to discover the best way to do it. Every monster has unique decorations and monsters that it likes. Every placed decoration or monster will increase happiness by 25% and the maximum level of happiness is 100%, meaning you can double your coin earnings.

Also, you should keep in mind that different monsters might like the same decoration. Therefore, it would be best to check whether a few of your monsters like the same decorations before purchasing them.

How to reach 100% happiness level in My Singing Monsters

Four singing monsters are looking at you in Singing Monsters.
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And the last thing we will talk about in this guide is how to reach 100% happiness. Every monster has a unique mysterious object that is used to make it 100% happy. Generally, mysterious decorations are much more expensive than ordinary ones. Moreover, some mysterious items have specific conditions you should know before purchasing items. In the list below, you can discover mysterious items for most monsters.

  • bowgart - eerie remains
  • clamble - barbloo statue
  • entbrat - babayag tower
  • mammot - stritch skin
  • noggin - fire bush
  • t-rox - dragoon statue
  • maw - dragoon statue
  • drumpler - smumpkin patch
  • furcorn - smumpkin patch
  • potbelly - bloofi tree
  • shrubb - razzli tree
  • fwog - spirit statue
  • toe jammer - pummel
  • plummet - toe jammer
  • oaktopus - fwog

In conclusion, nothing is challenging about making your monsters happy in My Singing Monsters. You only need to purchase specific decorations and place them near. That's all there is to it. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful! And while you are still here, make sure to check our article on how to make maw in My Singing Monsters.

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