How to make maw in My Singing Monsters

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Three singing monsters on snow in My Singing Monsters.

There are some specific steps to follow to get maw in My Singing Monsters. It is not a secret that unlocking monsters is one of the most exciting parts of My Singing Monsters. A rare monster significantly improves your in-game experience and makes you stand out among other players.

By reading this guide, you will find out how to make maw in My Singing Monsters. Moreover, there will be a detailed guide on this Monster.


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Maw on the grass in My Singing Monsters.

How to breed Maw in My Singing Monsters

Fortunately, nothing is challenging about breeding Maw in My Singing Monsters. You only need to combine Mammott and Toe Jammer to get the primary version of Maw, and Mammott can be purchased from the marketplace for 300 coins, and Toe Jammer can also be purchased here for 250 coins.


Once you have these monsters, you should open the Breeding Structure, put them inside, and wait approximately 30 minutes. After that, you will get the primary version of your Maw.

How to breed rare Maw in My Singing Monsters

Like most monsters in the game, Maw has its rare version but, generally, the two versions do not significantly differ from each other. The only difference is that a rare version of Maw is more valuable. So, making it is an excellent way to stand out among players.

As with the classic version of the monster, you should use Mammott and Toe Jammer to breed the rare version of Maw in My Singing Monsters. However, Rare Maw can be made only during specific hours. Moreover, breeding Rare Maw takes one hour, which is more than the ordinary version of the Monster.


And if you do not want to spend your coins and time, there is an alternative option for obtaining Rare Maw. This monster can be purchased in the Star Shop for 750 Starpower. But Starpower is a pretty valuable resource. So, it would be better to spend your time and coins than Starpower.

What is Maw in My Singing Monsters?

Maw and the other two singing monsters.

Once you know how to obtain Maw in My Singing Monsters, it is time to discover more about this monster. Maw is a double-element monster that appears on Plant Island. This creature sings “deedeet” or “dee” in the Alto key with its mouse. These notes are widely used in various songs. Therefore, getting Maw is worth your time.


And if you want to increase Maw’s happiness by 25%, you should choose one of the items in the list below.

  • Pummel (Unlocked on Level 9)
  • Pango (Unlocked on Level 7)
  • Wild Bagpipe (Unlocked on Level 7)
  • Pipes of Cicado (Unlocked on Level 10)
  • Dragoon Statue (Unlocked on Level 16)

Also, there are five unique skins for Maw. Even though most of them are temporary, Sensory Furphones Maw is always available in the store.

In conclusion, Maw is a cute double-element monster that sings the “dee” sound. And you can get it by breeding Mammott and Toe Jammer. Fortunately, these monsters can be purchased in the store. So, you will never have problems breeding Maw. While you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best strategy games for Android.