Best Modern Warfare 2 melee weapons

A man holding a knife with a riot shield on his back in Modern Warfare 2

A man holding a knife with a riot shield on his back in Modern Warfare 2
May 11, 2023: Season 3 Reloaded is underway and we've updated our guide to showcase the best melee weapon.

What is the best Modern Warfare 2 melee weapon to use in Season 3 Reloaded? Modern Warfare 2 contains plenty of weaponry to use in scenarios where bullets won't make an impact.

Ranging from swords to small combat knives, the fast movement speed of multiplayer means you can slice and dice your way through an opponent when they get too close for comfort.

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What is the best Modern Warfare 2 melee weapon?

Being such a fast-paced game, we recommend throwing the combat knife into your regular rotation. It is a one-shot kill and can be deployed incredibly quickly. When you are close up, it has the quickest TTK (time to kill) in the entire game.

Though it can leave you vulnerable if you are at a distance, combine this with map knowledge and you should be able to mow down enemies without them even noticing. Put it into a quick class and you can sprint around the map with ease.

A golden knife in Modern Warfare 2
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Modern Warfare 2 melee weapon tier list

Combat Knife
Riot Shield Dual Kodachis

The Combat Knife sits at the top of our list because it is both a legendary weapon in the Call of Duty franchise and it's also just a really effective choice for a quick class. Being silent and efficient, you can move behind groups of enemies, both disrupting and kill them.

The riot shield is only slightly below this as it is a little more situational, and its huge size often makes you a target. In a good team setup, you can leverage its abilities to get kills and assists but can be easily countered when you're alone. This works particularly well when paired with defensive perks and equipment.

How to use melee weapons in Modern Warfare 2

Due to their limited range, melee weapons should predominantly be used indoors or in tight corridors and lanes. They can kill enemies incredibly quickly, but also make you vulnerable to long and medium-range weapons.

For this reason, you should try and learn the maps as much as possible, to take the routes with the most close-up encounters. Your sprint speed is your biggest asset with melee weapons, so don't be afraid of running away from an encounter you aren't prepared for. It is equally effective to go out on your own or tag up with a teammate and flank around the enemies.

How many melee weapons are in Modern Warfare 2?

There are three melee weapons in Modern Warfare 2: the Combat Knife, Dual Kodachis, and Riot Shield. Though we don't have many yet, we do have a versatile range of ways to play.

It seems likely that, as the game continues to grow, so will the number of melee weapons. Stay tuned for more!

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