Does Modern Warfare 3 have anti-cheat?

Modern Warfare 3 player firing weapon at opponent
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 3 player firing weapon at opponent
Credit: Activision
November 20, 2023: Wondering if MW3 has anti-cheat? Find everything there is to know in our guide.

Does Modern Warfare 3 have anti-cheat? That's one question on the minds of players preparing for the latest Call of Duty instalment to drop.

With Modern Warfare 3 now available, hackers destroying the fast-paced first-person shooter during the beta quickly frustrated players. Considering Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 utilise Ricochet anti-cheat in a bid to prevent hackers from ruining matches, many are hoping this trend continues with the new release.

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Does Modern Warfare 3 have Ricochet anti-cheat?

At the time of writing, Modern Warfare 3 does feature Ricochet anti-cheat. This is great news for those hoping for some kind of level playing field when loading onto their favourite maps and game modes.

Activision has implemented a wealth of different measures to stop cheaters from ruining matches but as always, it's hard to stop all of them from slipping through the net.

There's always a chance of encountering a hacker and if you do, be sure to report them so they can stop causing chaos.

Modern Warfare 3 player firing gun at opponent
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Credit: Activision

When will Modern Warfare 3 get anti-cheat?

Modern Warfare 3 anti-cheat arrived when Sledgehammer Games' latest title launched on November 10, 2023. Throughout the cycle, expect plenty of innovations and updates as the publisher attempts to keep hacking to a minimum.

This will ensure a minimal number of hackers slip through the net before the ban hammer and other measures start taking effect, to ensure a fair playing field for everyone loading into multiplayer.

That's everything there is to know about Modern Warfare 3 anti-cheat so far. For more, take a look at the best MCW loadout and how to slide cancel during matches.

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