Modern Warfare 2 Strike mission walkthrough - How to complete on Veteran

Ghost from Modern Warfare 2 holding gun
Credit: Activision
October 31, 2022: Modern Warfare 2 is out now. Scroll down for the full walkthrough of the game's opening mission.

The Modern Warfare 2 Strike mission walkthrough provides some helpful tips for those struggling to complete the opening mission on the hardest difficulty.

The sequel to 2019's Modern Warfare sees the return of Task Force 141 as they attempt to stop another worldwide catastrophe. The opening mission is relatively short but provides some much-needed context for the rest of the story.

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Modern Warfare 2 Strike walkthrough

Before we start taking you through the first mission of the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, this guide does contain spoilers so be aware if you want to continue reading. With that out of the way, here's all the intel on Strike.

Navigate the canyon

The mission opens with the silhouette of Ghost emerging from the shadows of a canyon. Keep walking through the winding canyon, climbing up a few ledges before emerging at the top of a cliff overlooking a vast expanse.

Modern Warfare 2 weapon convoy on desert road
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Credit: Screengrab via Activision

In the distance, there's a huge convoy containing trucks, helicopters, and missiles on a desert road and a wealth of Al Qatala members guarding it. Over the radio, you learn an arms deal is taking place.

Use the spotter scope to locate the general in amongst the crowd. He's the grey-haired man wearing a dark green military uniform. Once you spot him, ping him so you don't lose track of his whereabouts.

Pilot the missile

A short cutscene sees Graves launching a missile from a small mobile launch site several miles away. Guide the missile past a number of hills until a red square highlights the convoy. Engage the boosters to destroy everything in the surrounding area, including the general.

Modern Warfare 2 missile launching
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Credit: Screengrab via Activision

The second cutscene showcases the huge levels of destruction caused by the missile. Following the launch, the story moves to a few months after the convoy's destruction. Laswell meets Shepherd and reveals a new target is situated in Al Mazrah. With Laswell after Hassan, she calls in Ghost who regroups with Soap for the next chapter of the story.

Mission complete!

Modern Warfare 2 Strike mission rewards

By completing the opening prologue of the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, players can get their hands on the Soap's Destination calling card to use when multiplayer and Warzone 2 launches in a few weeks.

That's how to complete the Modern Warfare 2 Strike mission on veteran difficulty. It's a short introduction to the Modern Warfare 2 storyline but controlling the missile can prove tricky in some cases. For more, check out our guides revealing intel on upcoming Modern Warfare 2 double XP events and the best Modern Warfare 2 assault rifle to use.

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