Modern Warfare 2 ranked play tips - How to score more wins

Modern Warfare 2 ranked play tips
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 ranked play tips
Credit: Activision

Are you struggling to reach the next rank? Need some assistance in trading kills? Our Modern Warfare 2 ranked play tips will definitely come in handy when dropping into the action. In comparison to standard Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, ranked play is an entirely different beast.

With rules replicating the Call of Duty League (CDL) and numerous restrictions to ensure a level playing field is maintained there are numerous ways to gain an advantage and score plenty of SR on your way to the Top 250.

Before we take a closer look at some Modern Warfare 2 ranked play tips, take a look at our other guides showcasing the best ranked play loadouts and all there is to know about the next double XP event.

Best Modern Warfare 2 ranked play tips

There are several ways that can lead to consistent victories, a high K/D ratio, and plenty of SR. These useful tidbits of information are guaranteed to put you on the right track.

Communication is key

Having the ability to communicate quickly and effectively with your teammates can make the difference between losing a round of Search and Destroy or clutching up in the heat of battle.

Whether it's using your mic or the in-game ping system, make sure you're utilising these communication techniques to reveal the location of an opponent you've managed to spot or to signal an early rotation to get the jump on the enemy team.

Modern Warfare 2 ranked play tips
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Credit: Activision

Play the objective

During a casual match, you'll see hardly anyone going anywhere near the Hardpoint hill or collecting tags in Kill Confirmed. If you try and avoid the objective in ranked play, there's a very high chance you'll lose the match.

Respawn modes require plenty of coordination in order to stop the other team from gaining control so if you do find yourself near an uncontested objective, jump on it and give your team some points towards victory!

During a Control match, diving on a point is the perfect distraction that often allows the rest of your team to capture the other objective before coming to assist you to secure the round.

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Trading kills

Throughout a ranked play match, you'll enter situations where you will get eliminated but manage to deal plenty of damage to the enemy. In Search and Destroy and Control, staying close to teammates so you can finish the kill is a surefire way of maintaining the numerical advantage.

Trading kills sounds rather straightforward but you'll need plenty of coordination and excellent positioning to answer back as soon as your teammates hits the deck.

Don't leave matches

You might find yourself several points away from winning and the temptation to leave the match early is always high. But, leaving a match before it ends always does more harm than good. 3v4 scenarios are never fun and dropping out means there's definitely no chance of securing the win.

Even if you're losing, having a full squad means there's always an opportunity for an incredible comeback.

There you have it, these are some useful Modern Warfare 2 ranked play tips that will definitely help you rise through the ranks. For more, take a look at our guides showcasing the best sniper rifle and the best shotgun for close-quarters action.

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