How to check Modern Warfare 2 KD ratio

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Modern Warfare 2 players fighting near staircase
Credit: Activision
November 18, 2022: Modern Warfare 2 season 1 is out now and so is the Combat Record!

Call of Duty players base their performance on the kill-to-death (KD) ratio they earn over the course of a multiplayer match. As many drop into Modern Warfare 2 for their first games, the community is already hunting for information on how to check Modern Warfare 2 KD ratio.


With scoring kills the aim of most game modes, having a high KD ratio is arguably the best statistic to highlight your incredible gameplay and often results in you topping the scoreboard.

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Can you check KD in Modern Warfare 2?

During pre-season, there was no way of checking your KD ratio but with Season One now underway, the Combat Record provides the perfect view of all kinds of in-game statistics.


Now, there's no need to wait for the end-game scoreboard to see how your performance compares against other players.

Simply open the options tab, head to the Stats page, and hit multiplayer. There are all kinds of stats to compare and contrast.

Modern Warfare 2 players fighting near doorway
Credit: Activision

How to get high Modern Warfare 2 KD

There are several ways to score a high KD ratio in Modern Warfare 2. Thanks to the fast time to kill (TTK), you can choose to take a passive approach and patrol a specific area of the map or you can run and gun the opposition.

We recommend taking it slightly slower than hurtling around the map at breakneck speed as it gives you enough time to react to enemies that suddenly appear.

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Why is Modern Warfare 2 KD important?

While some players think there are other stats that are more important than KD ratio, several believe that a high KD means you can dominate the opposition during a multiplayer match. Although the number doesn't tell the full story, it's a good way of comparing in-game performance.

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