Best Modern Warfare 2 556 Icarus loadout

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 player using M16
Credit: Activision

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 player using M16
Credit: Activision
October 5, 2023: Season 6 is now underway and to reflect the meta, we've adjusted the best MW2 556 Icarus loadout and the best attachments.

The best Modern Warfare 2 556 Icarus loadout is often overlooked in Modern Warfare 2 but with Season 6 underway, it remains a viable LMG to dominate mid-range and long-distance fights.

After dodging the most recent weapon buffs and nerfs, the 556 Icarus possesses an incredible rate of fire along with recoil that's surprisingly easy to control. Once the best attachments are equipped, it's very easy to make an impact during a match.

Before we take a closer look at the best MW2 556 Icarus loadout, take a look at our other guides showcasing the best SMG and when the next double XP event takes place.

What is the best Modern Warfare 2 556 Icarus loadout?

FTAC Coldforge 16"
SZ Lonewolf Optic
Demo Fade Pro Stock
FSS Sharkfin 90
Rear Grip

This particular build aims to improve performance in mid-range combat and sort out the 556 Icarus's mobility issues.

Firepower is already very high so this loadout focuses on improving other areas of the LMG.

How to unlock the Modern Warfare 2 556 Icarus

Instead of reaching a specific level to obtain the M16, the innovative weapon receiver system means unlocking the rifle requires a different path.

To unlock it, rank up the M4 assault rifle to level 19 which is a very straightforward process. This unlocks the 556 Icarus receiver allowing you to use the LMG in multiplayer.

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 players standing near helicopter and atv
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Credit: Activision

Best Modern Warfare 2 556 Icarus attachments

  • Barrel: FTAC Coldforge 16"
  • Optic: SZ Lonewolf
  • Stock: Demo Fade Pro Stock
  • Rear Grip: XTEN Grip
  • Underbarrel: FSS Sharkfin 90

Controlling the recoil of the 556 Icarus and improving mobility is the priority with this combination of attachments. The Coldforge barrel and Demo Fade stock help with adjusting aim-down sight speed and damage output while the SZ Lonewolf optic is perfect for maintaining a crystal-clear view of anyone that wanders into your crosshair.

For Ground War, this particular scope is perfect to deal damage at longer distances but for smaller multiplayer modes, we recommend switching it for the SZ Reflex.

Best Modern Warfare 2 556 Icarus perks and equipment

Once the best 556 Icarus attachments are ready for battle, it's time to switch your focus to perk and equipment selection.

Selecting a perk package that suits your style of play can make all the difference when looking for improvements in movement speed. Here's what we recommend using alongside the 556 Icarus for the rest of Season 6.


  • Double Time (Base)
  • Battle Hardened (Base)
  • Quick Fix (Bonus)
  • Birds-Eye (Ultimate)

For our base perks, Double Time and Battle Hardened act as a strong starting combination. With additional Tactical Sprint, it's much easier to move around the map at a faster speed. To prevent any flash and stun grenades from halting your momentum, Battle Hardened reduces their effects guaranteeing you maintain focus on the target.

The best bonus perk to use in Modern Warfare 2 is Quick Fix due to the fast health regeneration. Scoring a kill instantly triggers health regeneration which comes in handy if another enemy comes into view shortly after a gunfight.

Lastly and by no means least is Birds-Eye as our ultimate perk. Once active, you can see red dots on the mini-map allowing you to plan your next move with ease.


  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Tactical: Flash Grenade
  • Field Upgrade: Dead Silence

The trusty combination of Semtex and Flash Grenade is the perfect accompaniment to the 556 Icarus. Throw a Semtex at a contested objective flag for huge damage or stick it to a passing truck for an explosive result.

Flash grenades are perfect for checking corners or a building in case there's any opposition trying to catch you off-guard. Throw it before heading around a corner or entering a building to check if the coast is clear.

Lastly, Dead Silence is a no-brainer regarding field upgrade selection. The quiet footsteps give you the perfect opportunity to get behind enemy lines and spring a surprise attack during Season 6.

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 players fighting
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Credit: Activision

Is the 556 Icarus good in Modern Warfare 2?

After getting to grips with the 556 Icarus in Season 6, it's one of the better LMGs to use in multiplayer. Despite its mobility, it's more than capable of excelling when overlooking an open area of the map or a specific lane.

Position yourself on a headglitch and demolish anyone that comes into view.

That's everything there is to know about the best Modern Warfare 556 Icarus loadout. For more, check out the best Modern Warfare 2 sniper rifle to use.

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